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Marketplace concerns

Does anyone know how to contact the TMC mods? The marketplace postings seem to be overrun by threadcrappers lately (spillover from Tesla Forums?) and admins seem to be stuck in their wet paper bag. OP needs to have post-deletion rights in all topics, especially marketplace.
Mods and admins are different. Admins are site owners and can be contacted via the "Contact Us" link at the bottom. Mods are volunteers and can respond to reports that you place using the "report" button under a post. I don't see any chance of having OP getting post deletion rights in their topics. That's now how TMC is structured, and it creates echo chambers. But you're welcome to ask.
I asked for this ages ago. (Wow, almost 6 years!)

Seems unlikely, even though this is a huge success on other forums and would greatly improve the signal to noise on many threads.