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Maybe loose brake pad?

Anyone encounter this type of noise?

The noise changes with speed, and if I even tap the breaks very lightly the noise disappears. Sometimes after breaking the noise will stop completely but as soon as I hit a small bump in the road the rattling noise comes back.
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Thanks for posting that video. I've been having rattling like that in my car for the past couple of months, but I couldn't figure it out. It does sound pretty similar to yours. The thing that threw me off though is that sometimes I hear rattling when I have come to a complete stop. I installed my Carbotech's about 6 months ago. I guess it took them a while to start rattling.
Is this rattle noise only a problem for on the front brake pads?
Are the brake pad buffer mentioned above really needed?

I now have the same noise from the front brake pads (at least it sounds like that).

I particpated when the rear brake pads were installed and we used the "red goo". That was about two years ago, there has been no noise from those. We did not use break pad buffer.

For the front brake pads, I gave the "red goo" to the guy that were installing (and insisted that he would use it and that brake pad noise was a know problem), but he used his own stuff. That was about a year ago, the rattle started being very noticable last week.
The carbotechs rattle because they're not the same size as the OEM pads - there's the brake goo that you put on to keep them from rattling but a good hard braking should settle them (yes 783 has carbotechs).