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Model 3 can't play video from USB stick ??

Tried few days ago - and the media plays audio files great but completely ignores video files. Which I would expect - but now that they enabled streaming video (which I haven't tried yet) - it would make sense to also enable playing video files from USB when the car is parked.
Now that we can play dashcam footage in the car, anyone revisited this as a feature request? Would be great to have this implemented. Painful using Plex to watch my media, especially when the LTE connection isn't so great. Even when the LTE is strong it's still a bit laggy to start up with.
there's just no video viewer installed on the OS that would support your needs. the dashcam viewer appears custom code and is designed only for the codec those media files are encoded in. granted i feel like some features would be easy to implement (instead of another game i won't play) but for now the built-in streaming solutions work fine for me.

plex has the ability to manage the stream quality in the media center settings. could try that if you're getting lag.