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Model S Auto locks with key fob in the car

I left my phone and key fob in my Model S today and it locked me out of the car. Once before the key fob was left in the car it didn't auto lock. I think this was because it fell on the floor near the door. This time the key fob was in the center console when I returned to the car I realized I didn't have my fob. A press on the door handle should present the handles if the fob is in the car but it didn't. It cost me $260 to have a lockout service open the car in less than 5 min. The setting in the menu was set to ON for auto lock when leaving car with fob. Now I turned it off. What is the deal ? Is it a bad fob weak battery in the fob or software issue with the car ??

Thank you
I always have the credit card key in my wallet just in case. I also have Valet For Tesla on all my computers/laptop and ipad so I could call home and ask my wife to unlock via one of those or call the office and have someone do the same thing from my desktop. My wife also has the Tesla app on her phone so calling her and asking to unlock is another option. Point is, there are many remote unlock options. Still scratching my head on how the car managed to lock with both phone and fob in the car, not supposed to happen.
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Yes, this happened to me under very serious circumstances Back in 2016 in Hermosa Beach CA on an extremely hot day I had just fastened my one year old grandson into his back seat car seat (after dropping my purse in the front passenger seat in order to use both hands), when I closed his door and then closed the front passenger door and saw and heard all of the doors and handles lock. I tried the doors and trunks several times and even looked around for a brick to break a window. that car would heat up FAST. Finally ran into the preschool and had the secretary call Tesla and I explained and begged for quick action from their satellite and the doors were unlocked from their end about 8 minutes after the event. My husband was camping with an engineer from Tesla, who, when he heard this story, on the quiet said that Tesla had been seeing some interference from cell phones inside the car and if my cell phone in my purse was between the fob and the sensor this could have happened. No warning to car owners about this.. this was my Grandson. I spread the word.