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Model Y owners, any regrets? What to look for at pick up?

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Hey I’ll be picking up my MY SR next week. This has been a tough decision to go with the Y over the 3.

Any regrets from Model Y owners? The car is a lot cheaper.

Anything specific to check at pick up? I have the list printed off from another thread. Lastly I’m going with silver, should I do white? It’s about 3k difference since with the color it’ll add the luxury tax in BC as well.
I love my Model Y which I took delivery of last July. Regrets, are you kidding I LOVE my Model Y. I had a few very minor issues. I have been to my local Service Center just to drool over other cars. I looked at number of cars last week and they looked flawless. Sandy Munro looked at a Model Y a few weeks ago stating that he thought that the new Model Ys coming out of production would rival any European manufacturer. I think that that is saying a lot as to how far Tesla has come in the last year...

What I really Love, basically never touching the display. I use Voice Command for everything from Turn on the Windshield Wipers, Opening the Glovebox, Streamed Music (Play "Name of Song"), Turning on any seat heat (just name the position of the seat), Opening the Trunk, etc..... Enjoy!!!

My Model Y is Red with the Whit/Black interior. I enjoy the fact that there are not a lot of Red Model Ys...
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In terms of what to look for at pickup, check for things like trim damage / scuffs, paint damage, interior stains, window/glass imperfections, etc. If you don't do it now, service will pretty much ignore you later. You have the upper-hand at pickup because the last thing they want is for you to refuse the vehicle.
in 2017 purchased an S75. Less than a year after, sold to purchase the Model X for the wife. Someday I'll get another S i really miss it. We purchased a Model Y for the business and I am so enjoying the driving experience. I originally thought I would hate the single screen, however it has grown on me. I'm always wanting to take the Y over the X any day. Owning and driving the Y has really knocked off the edge of wanting to get an S. I can wait.
Best of luck in your purchase. Take pictures and share.
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Not a SR, but picked up my LR Y couple of weeks ago. I have no regrets. Fit and finish were flawless and I have the black exterior which shows everything. I used the checklist and felt a bit foolish bringing it when I did not find anything. Make sure you buy the OEM mud flaps ASAP for the Canadian spring roads before venturing outside the lower mainland
Any complaints about the standard range? I feel 390 should be enough for city driving
Whether you have sufficient range will depend on your use case.
I purchased a LR Y last June because I knew what range I needed in the winter and most standard range vehicles were too close to the max for my expected needed range for my use case.
Around the city with the # of nearby superchargers available (just in case), I suspect you will be fine.

I’m going with silver, should I do white?
Silver hides any dirt much better than white (and most other colors).
I, personally, wouldn't get white unless I was going to PPF or wrap the car.

Good Luck and have fun.