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My 2023 Model X Saga

Today, despite both me and my wife being pretty sick, we ventured into the bowels of Seattle and picked up a new 2023 Model X. White/Black Long Range.
It took quite a bit of work to get to this stage--some of which was my fault.
  • We lost the title to our existing 2017 Model X so I had to make two trips to the Department of Licensing to buy a new one. $85
  • I spend countless hours negotiating with Tesla agents over a period of six or more months. They finally made me an offer I could not refuse--and no, no equine creatures were injured. The trade-in offer for my 2017 MX was on the high side of what others were offering but then they added $5000 to that.
  • I test-drove an MX with a yoke. I was skeptical at first wondering if I could drive safely without having to look down at the controls. I could. Sure, it took a few minutes, but then things fell into place.
  • We did not get a full walk-through as in 2017 because we were too sick to wait for it, but the test-drive dealer (about a month ago) had already shown me the basics. However, when it came time to pull into traffic I realized that the yoke was not angled right and was too far away. Finding the right screen and the right (tiny) icon was a challenge. But I got it set well enough to get home.
  • I kept the windshield sunscreen hoping it would fit. Nope, not exactly, but close enough and with the sun shades extended, it was held in place nicely. I expect that saved me another couple of c-notes.
  • I had a dickens of a time finding the USB port(s) where I could plug in my Sentry Mode USB key. It turns out they are the new USB-C type connectors. I have an adapter and got it to work (I think), but the positioning of the port makes me nervous that something I slide into the forward compartment will snap off the memory stick. Working on a solution for that.
  • I also had a Weathertec cargo-bay floor liner kept from the 2017 MX. It fit fine--just leaving the little book-sized hatch on the left exposed.
  • I opted for 5 seats this time as I could not justify the added expense of a third row that would only accommodate munchkins or little kids (of which I have none). I discovered another cavernous space beneath the cargo bay floor big enough for a big suitcase or the leader of the lollypop guild (lying down). Strategizing how to leverage these two enormous spaces is going to be a challenge as if I load stuff on top of the covers, the contents will be inaccessible without unloading everything.
  • The 2023 MX did not come with a Mobile Charge Connector so I kept my 2017 version. It did come with an adaptor for the ChargePoint-style charging cable. Now I have two. ;)
  • I like the new narrow-eyed look on the 2023 MX.
  • I also understand the low-voltage DC battery is no longer 12VDC but 16VDC but I should not have to worry about that for five years (I hope).
  • I like the way the air is controlled and the heated yoke.
  • I sat in the back seat to discover those riders have full control over their temperature and airflow and can watch naughty movies on Netflix while I drive. I also saw where I can lock that screen if they get rambunctious.
  • The driver's seat seems more comfortable. Consider that I'm a large guy (6'2" and 265 lbs.) so a comfortable (and wide) seat is a big plus.
  • We noticed a far quieter ride and even sitting still the street noise was dramatically (IMHO) quieter.
  • I was advised by the test-drive agent that if you open the passenger door with the emergency handle, you must lower the window somewhat before closing it. I don't know if that's true, but I don't plan to test it.
  • I plan to mount my Yaesu FTM-400 (or 500 if it comes soon enough) ham radio to the left of the yoke. Thankfully, ProClips has a great way to attach the control head to the dash without screws or damage to the plastic. I want to mount the radio itself on the frunk wall which would make for far easier cable routing. DC power can't come from the Tesla battery though--the radio can take 12-14.7VDC (not 16VDC). This will take more research. On the 2017 MX, I tapped into the tow-hitch trailer brake outlet. Perhaps that's still available. The antenna should work fine on either side of the frunk lid with a trunk-lip mount.
  • I noticed it was taking longer to charge. And then I remembered, 100% is 350 (some odd) miles, not 220 like before. Sure, I just charge to 80% but it will be nice to have a bit more range between pitstops.
  • I didn't opt for the FSD (listed @ $15,000) but they did offer it to me for $9000. Interesting. I don't know if I will miss it as I qualified for the beta on the 2017 MX.
  • I also didn't opt to spend my $3000 discount on free supercharging for 3 years. Since I charged at home 95% of the time, I don't see the point.
  • Angel II is a sweet ride, but I expect she hasn't shown me all her special features.

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"2017 Tesla Model X 100D Front" by Vauxford is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.
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