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My first EV back in 1991


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Jan 31, 2014
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I was into EVs back in the late 80s and finally in 1991 I was able to afford my very first car and it was an EV. It was a small 3 wheeler with a whooping 1.8 kWh usable battery capacity. It was very efficient but still only did aprox 40 km / 25 miles. It was a pretty rough put together car. Heater was almost useless. It had lead acid batteries and no regen braking. Only one person could ride in it but you could fit a run to the grocery store in it. I'm glad I never got in an accident in it. Overall it was a pretty bad experience and I kind of gave up on EVs after that.

Looking back, those first attempts of making EVs back in the 90s hurt the EV adoption. They were very limited, heavy, poor range and just too many compromises compared to ICE cars. Even some prototypes from that time that used top of the line tech back then were not very convincing and never made it to production.

We have come a long way since!

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