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My First Tesla and I have questions

Hello all, couple of days back took delivery of my first Tesla, Model S Long Range deep metallic Blue. Very exited to own this. Coming from a Porsche Caynee, so the experience is a little different with drive and interior aesthetics. But from what I have seen, I liked the MS the most luxurious of all the Teslas I test drove.

Anyways, to my questions:

Wheel Rim covers - I learnt the actual rims of the car are covered that can me removed and clipped back on. I am not sure why. Are these required for safety or increase the range? What do you guys do, keep them on always or take 'em off?

Car Wash - How do you guys wash your car? Do you go to the regular car wash like the tunnel ones or exterior wash, or do you guys wash it yourself. I've owned other luxury cars before, but always used the regular car wash with no issues. But I saw some videos that claim the car wash messed up their car paint and some sensor, etc.

Insurance - I have Progressive insurance for our cars and their quote came around $230/m but I have to pay for the whole year, which I did not want to commit before I saw the car (in case I have to reject the delivery), so the App offered me Tesla insurance, which I took. But now I realize, it only lists Me as the policy holder. Did not take the details of my wife or son and there was no option to add them. Are they automatically covered if when they drive the MS. I live in DFW, TX

Paint protection - I have seen a lot of videos where folks are spending close to 5 grand to cover their entire car with a layer of transparent skin (don't know what is the right term). Is that really required? The paint on Teslas are that delicate? What am I missing?

Home Charging - Since this is my first EV, I have no clue about the home chargers. What do you guys recommend? There seems to be multiple options. The default charger that came with the car takes for ever looks like. How much does your electricity bill increase when you charge your car every day at home?

Thank you for your time and advice on the above.
Oh boy, I did not expect these many responses. Really appreciate all of you taking the time to read and respond.

Car Wash - I did find a touch less carwash near my place and tried it out today. The max is $16, not bad, but it does not dry completely. So, there are some spots of dry water droplets which was annoying. I'll stick to my regular car wash next time around, that I use to take my Porsche Cayenne. I am never a big fan of washing my car. Too lazy and old :rolleyes:

Insurance - I did reach out to a local Progressive agent and waiting on quote from them

Wheel Covers - I removed one to check it out. TBH, I loved the alloy wheel that was hidden. Coming from a Prosche Cayenne, I am used to that look. But I could not find the...


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Jan 6, 2020
One drying solution that I saw a deatailer use that I liked was to use a portable leaf blower for the drying stage prior to the microfiber towel drying. It gets off 95%+ of the water quickly, but is really useful in cracks and crannies that would otherwise later drip. Having most of the water off means your drying microfiber stays dry longer. I happened to have an electric leaf blower and it works very nicely for this application.
Ive been doing this for a few years now. High powered battery leaf blower gets almost all of the water off. The rest I get off by dabbing (not wiping) with a waffle weave towel that absorbs a lot. Result: zero microscratches in the clearcoat. (99% of microswirls/microscratches in clearcoat happen during the drying process due to rubbing in circular motion, not during the washing process..slick soapy/suds being gently moved in a back/forth motion with a clean mitt arent conducive to scratching).
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Apr 30, 2021
Park Cities, TX
I found a pretty good dog grooming blower to use on my cars. It has a dual speed fan and heat. It isn't super loud as its designed to be used to blow dry dogs and not spook them.

It has a fairly long hose so the main unit can mostly be on the ground but I sling it to do the roof. It has a few different tips such as one very focused, one broader, etc. The focused one reduces the hose down to about 1/4". It is great to use along the body panel edge areas and the mirror housings.

If you have your car ceramic coated almost not towed drying is needed. It makes the job very fast and a lot easier on the paint.
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Mar 30, 2022
I had sticker shock a month ago when I found out how much it costs to insure a tesla. We have a BMW 6 series and X5 and the tesla cost as much to insure as both vehicles combines, basically doubling our annual rate. I use to wash my cars at home using the blower method but now, due to laziness, family, etc I just take it to a gas station wash where you drive your car in and out. It does a decent job. If your wheels are 20" or larger, I'd avoid those rail style car washes where it pushes your car through. I've had expensive wheels get scratched going to those. Also, I purchased a Lectron 6-50 wall charger because I wanted the versatility of using it in the future if I happen to own a non tesla ev. Good luck.
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