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MY LR AWD - 131xxx VIN - what to expect?

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New Member
Feb 28, 2021
Placed an order this morning for a MY LR AWD and got matched with VIN 131-xxx almost right away. Firstly, any reason to be concerned that I was matched so quickly considering the wait time is 2-5 weeks? Could this be a rejected vehicle that got back in the queue for matching? I am really counting on getting the new center console and heated steering wheel.
First of all Congratulations ..

You get VIN a match when a vehicle with the same configuration readily available in nearby SC, not necessarily a rejected vehicle. At the worst case, even if it is rejected, don't think Tesla is going to give the same car to another customer unless it is fixed.
I believe your car config probably is 5 seater, so you're able to get a VIN match soon.