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Nav System, Music glitchy

My daughter's Model x has the following problems. First the Streaming Music service got super glitchy where it got progressively worse so she couldn't even play a song. Then the Nav stopped working, and the music controls on the steering wheel stopped working. The display shows she still has internet, but it won't connect via wifi to their phones.

What could be the problem? From a computer standpoint it sounds like the system needs a reboot, but she said she has no idea how to do that. Is there a "reset" for the car (control-alt-delete?)
Some relevant reading for you:

Model X Reset Techniques

Also, how old is this car? If it's pre-2018 or so this might also be relevant to you:

Consolidated eMMC Thread (MCU repair) (Black Center Screen)

Currently it is still a little hard to wade through the first post on that one- it's full of very current and relevant info about this issue *interspersed* with old info about 3rd party repairs. Now that Tesla is doing an official recall there's no reason to read about all those other remediation options. Anyway just scan for the most salient bits and you'll get the idea real quick.
These symptoms sound exactly like what I observed on my MCU1 vehicle. Service said my emmc was fine, so my only option was to upgrade to MCU2 and hope that I can get a refund if they finally recall all the MCU1's for being inadequate for the recent software.
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