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Need to Know How To Approach Paint Repairs

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I have a 2013 so I suspect Tesla may not have new bumpers laying around (pre refresh). My wife drove into my lawn mower and took a chunk out, looks like some plastic peeled back. I reached out to Tesla Service for an estimate on fixing it but I never received a response. What's the right way to have somebody fix this? Do I need a body shop to do it?

Well I just thought I would provide an estimate now since I got Tesla Service to look at it. They said the would have a difficult time matching color exactly for multiple reasons like aging and sun fading, and they'd recommend replacing the entire front bumper rather than repainting the old one.

Ready for the shocker?! Estimated at $1700. New front bumper with paint and new valence.

Next I'll take it to a local shop and see what they'll say about it.
Sounds about right on their estimate for bumper replacement.

However, a GOOD body shop can do a plastic weld process, smooth, sand, spot blend. Will be barely noticeable after completed.
Process to fix the hole/Crack is seen here. After this is done, they sand/spray it to blend.

My guess is cost is 1/2 of what Tesla is charging
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