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New Vehicle Odometer

Just got the mileage statement on MY that I’m scheduled to accept delivery on 5/1, and it shows 15 miles. Just curious what others have had on their Model Y’s at delivery as it seems 15 miles sounds like a lot on a brand new car which supposedly hasn’t been driven.
We were lucky to get our MY21 same day we went for a test drive. Someone place the order and didn’t pick up on the time frame given. Long story short, car was in the lot, plastic still over it, 4 miles on the odometer. Now, 14 seems like a lot, but now that we’ve been driving it, 14 miles goes so fast 😂meaning, driving from factory to port/trailer to dealership is not a big issue. Also, when I bought my previous car, an STi, the milage statement said 14 miles and the actual odometer said 5. Hope it helps
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I wouldn't be surprised if some of them go on some extra QC check rides at the factory if something doesn't feel right or is noisy. The dealership for my current car put about 50 miles on the car because a CV boot was stuck and making a bunch of sound.
The cars don't magically float from the end of the assembly line through to holding areas, then to the various mode/modes of transportation to get to your area (and these could involve multiple hops like onto car carrier, off it and onto a train, off that and on to another carrier, etc.) then to your dealer's* lot, into and out of their service garage and/or detailing center, and so on. These little trips do add on to your odometer, and are statistically very insignificant once you've had the vehicle for any length of time.

* I mean this generically, so "dealserhip", Telsa "delivery center", or wherever the car goes shortly before you get it :)
15 miles is nothing. Over 40 years, I've had 12 new cars and they came with anything from 10 to 30 miles or little more.
Lots of things to get irritated with regarding Tesla customer service, fit, and finish but 15 miles isn't one of them. Now, if it were 50 miles - then I'd be wondering WTF was going on. Check under the seats for any wrappers because maybe somebody was making Wendy's runs...
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