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Newbie Question How do I?

Is there a way to unlock the doors or open the trunk or frunk without using the app?
I pulled up to a friends house & she went to open the door to get in & it was locked. I had to reach over and hit the button to let her in.
Also, I wanted to pop the trunk for her to put a bag in the trunk and had to grab my phone to do it..
What If you’re not using a phone and have a card key. How would you open the trunk?
Its probably something super easy that I missed.
You can open the trunk / frunk from the touch screen if you are in the car.

Just as an FYI, the car has a great users manual that covers things like this and more. The following can be found on page 23 of the users manual I have on my hard drive. The page may be slightly different in newer versions of the manual:


To open the rear trunk, do one of the following
then pull the rear trunk open:
• Touch the associated OPEN button on the
• Double-click the rear trunk button on the
key fob accessory.
• Touch the trunk button on the mobile app.
• With Model 3 unlocked, press the switch
located under the rear trunk's exterior

When a door or trunk is open, the
touchscreen displays the Door Open
indicator light.
To open the trunk from inside Model 3 in the
unlikely situation that Model 3 has no power,
see Interior Emergency Trunk Release on page

Warning: Before opening or closing the
rear trunk, it is important to check that
the area around the trunk is free of
obstacles (people and objects).


There is a lot of awesome information about operation of the vehicle in there, and its even built into the car itself and viewable on the touchscreen. I recommend everyone take the time to look through it.

EDIT: OP let me say that, when I first got my car, I had to look this up in the manual because I didnt see it on the screen, even though it was right in front of my face. Wanted you to know that "its not just you" lol :)
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Its probably something super easy that I missed.
Yup, it is.

When you are in Park, on the left side of the screen buttons will appear around the avatar of the car to open the Frunk, the Trunk, and open the charge port.

As to the doors, there is always a lock icon at the top of the screen. Tapping that will unlock/lock all the doors as appropriate. The doors will also auto unlock when you switch from either Forward or Reverse to Park, although this might be a setting that is selectable in the "Locks and Security" part of the settings.
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