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No Power from OBDII Port

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Has anyone run into issues with power to the OBD II port? I'm trying to install a dashcam and the harness I made to adapt the OBDII port to cigarette lighter isn't giving any power to the dashcam. My thought was either my harness was bad (though I think this is unlikely), or the OBD II port fuse is blown.

A quick search of the forum came up dry. Has anyone run into this before?
Not sure what you mean by "adapt the OBDII port to cigarette lighter", do you mean OBDII port to a cigarette lighter style receptacle?

I have been running a OBD2 to micro usb port on my mediocre dashcam for a couple years without issue, using an OBD2 adapter like this: https://www.amazon.com/KYLIN-OBDII-Charging-Cable-Adapter/dp/B01H38IIY6 power is on 24/7 and dashcam has been running continuous a couple of years