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P90D 145,000km Experiences with Battery

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I've done my first "Extended" Run with the Battery at 100% Charge today.

Basically managed to get around 270km worth of Travel from 100% Charge.
62.3kwh Used (Stopped at around 6% Charge Remaining).

This is obviously a lot lower than 90kwh in terms of energy use etc.
Just wanted to see how this compares to other people with similar vehicles etc.

I don't want to continue charge the Vehicle to 100% for my Daily driving, but I'm almost forced to due to the lack of range.


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I have a 90D from 2016 (pre-refresh) with ~65,000km.
I can drive ~280km @70km/h in -10o with snow packed in the wheel well. I get 240w/km @80km!!!
A couple of years back I have gotten <260km on a "tank" in dry road -17o driving 125-130km/h with a 40km headwind with gusts to 75+ km.
With outside temp 10-30o I can get >420-440km at 80-100km/h, ~400km @110-115km/h, ~380@120-125km.
You live in Australia, it is probably fairly warm but most do not drive slow. What were headwinds & elevation change?
270km range if you drove at 130+km/h with a headwind and AC is not unreasonable. On the other hand 270km at <90km/h with dry roads, no winds, nor increase in elevation and with proper tire pressure is concerning.
More information please.
Didn’t it only have ~85kWh from new?

Did you end up with the Scan My Tesla results taken @ Pickles? That was low 70’s usable I recall.

The battery was a 90kwh originally, Owner paid the Extra $$$ to get access to the larger battery capacity.
The Usable Battery level on the Pickles scan says 76kwh as Nominal Full Pack.
I guess the issue is that I'm not seeing that figure in real world use. I seem to max out Battery usage at 65-68kwh according to the In Dash Usage readings.

This either means that
1) My In Dash readings are out and the car is less efficient than it says
2) For some reason there's an extra 10% of Battery capacity in reserve that I can't access for whatever reason.

I've attached the Pickles Scan my Tesla Data.


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What Famous is saying is that the 90kWh battery never was 90, it was 85 and the 85 was 81 and then you have to take 4kWh off that as the buffer. So you 90kWh battery had approx. 81kWh usable energy when it was new. So your battery has degraded about 10%.

The reason you are not seeing the 76kWh in real life is because you still take into account the 4kWh buffer, so you have 72kWh usable at 100% charge.

If you are also driving in 'extreme' temperatures, cold or warm, the car will use energy to either cool or heat the battery and the cabin.
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