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Paint correction - polish recommendations

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I'm looking to polish out some light swirls and scratches on my Tesla's paint from improper washing. I've done paint correction on previous vehicles, but everyone says Tesla's are notorious/finnicky to work with because of the soft clear coat. I also have a black Tesla so trying to get a haze free finish!

For anyone that has done their own detailing at home, can you recommend products that you've had success with?

Some combos I've gathered from other threads/videos are:
  • Sonax Perfect finish
  • Meguiars M210
  • Optimum Hyper Polish
  • 3D One
  • And the new Rupes system, specifically Rupes DA fine + Rupes Uno Pure

I realize there are a lot of other variables to high quality paint correction (pads, pressure, technique, etc.), but I figure I'd just start with the liquid and use a Rupes yellow and/or white foam pad to be the least aggressive.
I use Optimum Hyper Polish and the yellow 6.5" Rupes foam pad on about 90% of the black Tesla's I polish in my business. Take it slow with little pressure, and go 4 passes per section and you'll achieve a very good finish. Sounds like you have some experience on this so you can expect really good results.
Also remember to expect different results based on the lighting you use. Direct sunlight, and overcast skies diffused light are what really show your skills. Don't get discouraged while polishing under fluorescent or other typical shop lighting. Pull it outside to see how it's really coming out.
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Hi all,

I just took delivery of a red Tesla MY, it has some minor swirls on it, am planning on DIY PPF and ceramic coating and hence had to polish the finish. I have done waxing in the past and have no experience in polishing, from what I gathered DA polishers are safe and below are some combinations am thinking, please suggest.

1. Adams 9mm swirl killer, white foam pad + Adams polish alone
2. Griots G9, diydetail gold standard waffle foam + diydetail gold standard polish or Meguiars M210

Am planning to test and learn a panel or two on my white Audi, before trying on Tesla red paint.