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passenger side window will not unfold

most of the threads on this I've found sound like control issues. I don't think this is.

We noticed yesterday while driving that the passenger side window did not unfold. After parking, I tried manually (e.g. w/ the button on the touch screen) folding and unfolding the mirrors. The driver side does the right thing. The passenger side moves in/out a tiny bit, but nothing else. I tried gently trying to unfold it and I'm pretty sure if I push on it imma break something.

How are these supposed to work? Can it be manually moved in/out? Do we have a busted motor that'll need to be replaced?
only time mine didn't fold/unfold was during snow/freezing rain... it moved ok after everything melted..
pretty sure u should be able to force move it without breaking it unless the motor seized... haven't tried it myself tho...