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Pirelli Cinturato P7


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Jan 31, 2014
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I've been doing a lot of online research about new tires. After 60k miles my original Michelin MXM4 were finally done and I just replaced them with the Pirelli. They got good reviews in Tire Rack, have a great rating for longevity and besides a low rolling resistance they are very quiet. I'm really pleased how much more quiet the car is with these Pirelli. I really enjoy my car being quiet both inside and what you hear on the outside.
Since I just got them and they need a few miles to be properly broken in, I can't say anything about grip/performance.
I've had them on my 20" wheels for over a year now and drove to California and back on them under all kinds of conditions. They are a very good tire and a I couldn't disagree more with yobigd20s assessment. They do slip under start on heavy acceleration but so do my 21" Michelin Pilot Sport, which are currently on the car. The Pirelli's and 20" wheels go back on the car tomorrow for the winter, but this time the Pirellis are lined with foam to make them even quieter.
I got these exact tires from tire rack on my car. S85 just rear wheel drive, 19s. I'd buy them again for MY TYPE of car.

Pros. I like them because they are really quite and good in the rain. Should last a long time. I only have about 2,000 miles so far.

Cons. They are a harder rubber to last longer, they say 70,000 miles but this causes more slipping from the rear tires even on my regular 85. If you have a 85D it might be ok; the torque is distributed, but if you just have one big motor in the back like the P85s I don't think they would be good.
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I'm running with 255/45R19 Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus on a P85 and the grip doesn't hold at all. They squeal and slip and traction control comes on under heavy acceleration. I can't recommend these tires.

I have them on my P85D. They do slip off the line compared to performance tires, but for the moment I'm ok with the trade off. I still have a set of performance tires which I may put on next summer.
This thread explains perfectly why I say in my signature to not put P7's on a P85. A non P car they'd be fine.

where was that signature two months ago?? lol

I've got 11k miles on the P7s now. that's 11k miles of being pissed off that they slip even at half acceleration off the line. oh well. won't make that mistake a second time. i've rotated once at 7200 miles. currently have 8/32" tread on the front and 9/32" on the rear. at least the wear is ok. been waiting to test snow traction but it's been unusually warm. hope it stays that way though bc my house is being framed and I dont want weather delays lol