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Driving Dynamics

  1. A

    M3P - Bent 20" Uberturbines :(

    Having noticed a very slight vibration at 50mph+ from the front end of the wife's 2022 M3P (which felt like a balance issue) the past couple of weeks, I thought I'd do some investigating this morning while also taking the opportunity to rotate the tires (front to rear, rear to front). After...
  2. A

    Noise in rear driver side when driving

    M3RWD- first ever Tesla I’ve owned had the car about one month car has about 600 miles. Installed Michelin x-ice snow tires about 1 week ago and started to notices this noise when driving. Not carrying any additional weight in the trunk or rear seats. Would this be something caused my the tires...
  3. 9

    Herky jerky autopilot

    Does anyone else feel that at times autopilot is herky jerky (quick, sudden acceleration from stop, quick stops) while in stop and go traffic? I don't see the rhyme or reason to it, sometimes it eases into the acceleration as I would, and other times I can feel the G-force as it tries to zoom...
  4. A

    Model S 20” 11inch rear aftermarket wheel installation issue

    hi all i purchased a set of 20” ‘’works’’ brand aftermarket wheels and going to install in wheel shop. Front 9.5 15 (265 30 20) Rear 11 35 (295 30 20) Front wheels are perfectly fine. Unfortunately rear wheels are rubbing the inner fender liner. The wheel shop has offer solutions 1.inner...
  5. Rshephorse

    A New Tesla Salutation How to say HELLO

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ When I drive my '80's era Porsche around, other drivers of old Porsches will always wave or blink their headlights just to say hello and to recognize how rare these cars are. People who drive the new expensive Porsches never wave. When driving my Y around I find some of the Tesla...
  6. T

    How often do you floor the pedal?

    Hi. A new (to-be) Model 3 LR owner. I'm not a speed junkie but I'm wondering how does frequent flooring the pedal impact long term battery health? I understand that more frequently I push the more it'll impact my range...but I'm wondering how it impacts the long term battery health. I'm sure...
  7. P

    Uneven Re-gen Braking Feel on P3D+

    Hi all, I saw a recent post on "braking feel of the Model 3" and this is a bit on the other side of braking on the Model 3, the re-gen braking. I had two very different cars before my P3D+, a 335i and an eGolf. The regen braking on the eGolf was predictable, you could predict where it would...
  8. Tholland

    Model Y performance with PUP vs. Model 3 performance with PUP consumption comparison.

    Hey everyone, our family normally makes a trip to Ocean city, MD on the weekends. However with what is all going on in the world, we have been staying in OC for the most part. Our trip from Dc metro area to OC is about 2 hours and 50 mins to 3+ hours depending on condition and traffic. So we...
  9. MoreAgain

    TeslaCorsa - Buttonwillow - RWD Model 3 Lap

    Amazing event put on this weekend by UnPlugged Performance and Speed Ventures! While the top times all went to the Performance models, there was still plenty of fun to be had for those of us with RWD. Now we just need Track Mode made available for all models - why should the Performance...
  10. ShawnA

    Tesla stopped supplying 12V power to the aux pin of the 7 way - Fixed!!!

    Hello to Model X owners with Model X manufactured on or after March 6, 2018 and no power to the aux pin of the 7 way trailer connector, I purchased a Model X-100D on February 2, 2018 for delivery March 22 of 2018. I was fortunate that with a build date of March 6, 2018 I got the new MCU...
  11. henderrj

    Hello Tesla - set my cruise follow distance to 4

    Listening to all the whining from reviewers about how you can't control as much with buttons in the model 3, it made me realize how simple it would be to do almost everything with voice. And again, why couldn't Tesla do that with any of their vehicles? Anything that can be set by computer can be...
  12. R

    For those with Ludicrous mode, how often are you in it?

    I'm trying to decide between a P100D and a 100D. Are people keeping their P100Ds in ludicrous mode or is it just a "special" thing for launches where you are showing off the car. Or are you enjoying the extra performance like "all the time"?
  13. X

    New Goodyear tires for EVs

    Just saw this: Goodyear unveils new tire for electric cars to reduce wear from powerful instant torque Sounds interesting. Finally a tire that lasts longer. Hopefully they make these in 21" staggered sizes as well as the 19s.
  14. morrisdl

    Initial TACC Speed crazy fast

    Warning: New owner and admittedly have not read the manual question...I did search and cant find any threads on this: When engaging TACC for 1st time each day (pulling stalk towards the driver once), the max speed initially sets to 85 mph. This gets screechy when the legal limit is only 45 and...
  15. Yinn

    Feature Request: Subzero Mode

    A large part of the country got blanketed with a snow storm over the past couple of days. Having driven in the fresh white stuff as well as the resulting ice/slush; I found the car performs great. However, I did find that I needed to make some adjustments from my default settings that improved...
  16. Z

    Cracking sound coming from Aero wheel covers

    Has anyone notice any cracking sounds from the wheel covers? I don't hear it when inside the car, but if my wife drives and I'm outside, one of the aero wheel covers makes cracking noise when it rolls. Its as if the cover is under excess pressure. At first it was the front driver's side wheel...
  17. M

    BMW Driver Assistant a viable competitor to AutoPilot

    I had the opportunity to drive a current generation BMW 7 series with their driver assist features recently and came away more than impressed with how close it was to Tesla AutoPilot. It lane kept flawlessly on a freeway driving in the middle lane for many kilometres before disengaging. The HUD...
  18. R

    100D vs P100D in “Sport” mode?

    I was only able to test drive a P100D. The sales guy told me the 100D was the same speed as the P100D in Sport mode. Does anyone know if this is true?
  19. Vegas

    Maxing out AP1

    On a recent trip between Sydney and Brisbane (Australia) a distance of 915 Klms (569 Miles), I wanted to see the maximum time I could rely on autopilot AP1 (Classic front P90D). Where ever possible including through traffic congestion and country towns I used AP1, with my hand resting on the...
  20. selfbp

    Anyone retrofitted air suspension? Or done a custom airbag setup?

    While being overwhelmed of all the other features of the car during the ordering process, I kept telling myself that the Air Suspension wasn't that big of a deal. Long story short.. I am wrong. To the point; has anyone retrofitted the smart-air-suspension to a vehicle post-ordering process? I...
  21. clmason

    Seeking ideas for dampening wind noise

    HI All, I'm at 2,500 miles on my 3 and loving it. A few small bugs so far but my biggest gripe is the wind noise when traveling at 60 MPH+. I'm wondering if anyone has ideas for aftermarket wind noise dampening solutions. I'm open to testing out ideas if anyone has any. Thanks
  22. Muzzman1

    Road Noise 19" vs 21" Hard Numbers

    So I just replaced my 21" Arachnids with my 19" cyclones(with Pirelli P7's) for an upcoming trip to Lake Tahoe from LA. I figured I'd take a dB noise measurement over a 5 mile road at exactly 50mph in the same lane and see what the average Decibel reading over the drive. (I used dB meter pro...
  23. D

    Wheel aerodynamics question

    I asked the guy at the store why there weren't left and right wheels. He looked at me like I was crazy(he may be on to something, but still) after trying to explain what I meant. On all of the different turbine styles(Model S,X and 3sports), I see the same thing. One side will move air outward...
  24. jtdiddy

    Why Did Tesla Stop Making the 22" Alloy Wheels?

    It seems the only option for the 22" rims is black but I recall there was also an 22" alloy version too right? I really the alloy versions better (more clean and professional to me). Hopefully i can find some used ones for a good price
  25. fiksegts

    761HP Audi RS-7 vs P100D

    761 HP Audi RS-7 vs Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous 1/4 Mile Drag Racing
  26. ForeverFree

    S/3 Comparo -- Driven Back-to-Back-to-Back

    My wife and I have had our Model 3 since Christmastime, and we've good advantage of the opportunity to trade back and forth day to day between it and our S85D. In doing so, we've reached the usual conclusions: S = smoother, with slightly less intrusive road feel and wind noise 3 = more nimble...
  27. scrapps

    Ride Quality with 20" wheels?

    I'm looking to get some 20" TSW wheels, 8.5 running 235/35ZR20 Michelin PS4 for the front and 10.5 running 275/30ZR20 for the rear and was wondering if anyone has run a similar setup and can speak to the ride quality and handling? I see tire rack say this combo will fit the M3.
  28. suwaneedad

    Advice: How to get tech-averse wife to embrace Model 3

    OK team, Need advice. Our Model 3 should arrive late in March. We do not own a Tesla, and have owned a LEAF for the past 6.25 years (my daily driver...wife drives it sporadically...range anxiety). I already know that I will love Model 3; my concern is how best to ensure that my wife embraces...
  29. vicky3269

    Please help! About to configure but I don't know if I should upgrade to the 19" wheels?

    I'm a non-owner, and have never even driven a Tesla before. Will you please help me decide by telling me pros and cons of both size wheels so I can make an informed decision? Thanks so much!
  30. B

    Rear facing car seat in 3rd row seat?

    Hi, new to TSC and new to the Tesla family :P I am wondering if how does anyone install two rear facing car seats in your X and still have access to the 3rd row seat? Or does anyone install second car seat in the 3rd row? If so, do you sit in the back with the little one. We are trying to...
  31. ckwong

    22" Summer Tires

    Hello all, I'm in search of 22" tires for the summer and would like to know what current owners would recommend. According to tirerack the only Max Performance Summer are the Goodyear Eagle F1s and the others are all all-season tires. Thanks for any comments and advice in advance!
  32. X

    Chirping sound from rear passenger side

    Hi, I'm noticing that at highway speeds I can hear an intermittent chirping sound coming from the rear passanger side of my car. I don't hear it at lower speeds. It is also not entirely related to bumps on the road, and so far I haven't been able to figure out what's causing it. I searched a...
  33. N

    Model S P90DL or P100D vs Model 3

    Has anyone with either a Model S P90DL or P100D driven a Model 3 yet? I would love to hear first hand accounts on how does the driving compare? Full launch from stop, cornering, etc. Can you live without the sub 3.0sec 0-60 launch? Does Model 3 feel slow? I've read plenty of posts from other...
  34. W

    Longer lasting tires for 21" wheels?

    I have 21" staggered wheels and wanted to know if anyone has found a longer lasting alternative than the Pilot SuperSports or Contisports when it comes time to replace the tires. I could care less about cornering speed or racetrack handling, I just want good quality tires that last longer than...
  35. Q

    Minimum garage size

    Interested in learning what the absolute minimum width and height for a garage to be able to reasonably utilize FWDs (i.e. ok if it doesn’t open fully). I’m spoiled as I currently live in a condo with a large garage with all the space I need but looking into moving to a house with a 2 car garage...
  36. MacGreiner

    Model 3 initial issues and errors

    We picked up out 53xx Vin about a week ago. Here is a summary of some of the issues we are finding. BTW - I offer this not as a whine session but to see if there are any quality themes appearing. I accept full well that previous owners share the double edged sword of being early adopters...
  37. S

    Explaining power delivery to auto enthusiasts.......

    I want to make sure I have my facts straight when discussing the car with other auto enthusiasts who have no EV knowledge. At one point I found info on the TQ/HP curve of the P85 and if I understand things right it makes peak torque everywhere below 42mph and then plateaus at peak HP till...
  38. aikisteve

    Autopilot 2.0 keeps slightly improving in update 2018.6.1

    Just tested the last update I received (2018.6.1) and came to the conclusion that after the previous improvements, we have yet another slight improvement in stability. On my usual test route, it was rock solid when lines were disappearing left and right of the car, where it used to slightly...
  39. Tony17MXred22”

    100d towing a 19ft camp trailer

    I was just at the super charging station in Salmon Creek Washington and I saw this 2017 MX 100D towing a 19ft trailer. I spoke to the guy with this setup and he said he lives in Olympia and just picked up the trailer in Medford Oregon. He was on his way home, Maiden voyage. He said he was not...
  40. eyedrop

    Goodyear Eagle Touring + P85D

    Im switching from 21" wheels with Pilot Super Sport's to 19" with Tesla OEM Eagle Touring tires (for practical and aesthetic reasons) and am concerned that I might have issues with the Goodyears performance drop and lack of grip during launches. My driving is mostly commuting and road trips...
  41. S

    Michelin Summer tires or All Seasons (aero wheels) effect on Range

    Just got my Model 3 and I feel the tires get squirrley when rapidly accelerating or when taking curves. I love the range of Michelin MXM4 but its traction is meh. I am considering changing my tires to Michelin Super Sport 4S or the Pilot sport A/S 3+. How much of an effect (percentage wise) on...
  42. X

    100D slow off the line?

    I took a new 100D for a drive yesterday and although it had nice torque from 30-50, off the line it was pretty slow. Seemed like it was really holding back. I was under the impression that with electric motors, the best torque is off the line. Is this just because I was in a loaner car or...
  43. GMan324

    Had CPO MS60 for a month and already found a problem

    So, I've had my CPO MS60 with AP1 for almost a month now and I have already found a problem. We love the Tesla so much that we don't want to drive our other cars. In the first month, we have put doubled the mileage on the Tesla of the Acura MDX it replaced. If we keep burning through the...
  44. S

    I only got 25K miles out of my Continental Extreme Contact tires...

    I have a 70D with 20" rims and I need to replace my tires. I don't know if 25K miles is low for that tire or not but they came with a 50K mile tread warranty which I understand is probably useless. Any suggestions for a good all weather tire that might get more than 25K miles out of them?
  45. culverwood


    Is there any difference between the pre and post face-lift tailgate? I have a ding in my post-facelift tailgate and can get a pre-facelift one at a good price.
  46. S

    Model S steering failed

    I was driving home tonight (2016 70D)and it sounded like I had a flat tire. Pulled over to check and tires were fine. Started driving again and all traction control and stability control errors came up on the screen and said to call a service center. I have to hold the steering to the left to...
  47. Wshowell

    Model S AP 1 when does the car take evasive action?

    I'm looking for a definitive answer on something I’ve been wondering since I bought my S over a year ago. Please answer if you know for certain. While driving with AP 1.0 enabled on the Highway driving parallel to another car/truck/semi if that person drifts into your lane and the sonar...
  48. MWMiller

    Driver assist standard features

    Hi all - I'm looking for a resource (in addition to the manual) that describes what driver assist features are standard on the 2018 model S - Without any additional options purchased. I'm guessing the info is posted but I've done some searching with no luck so far. I'd greatly appreciate any...
  49. C

    Steering efforts 2017 S75

    I have a question on the steering efforts:- When I set the steering mode to sports mode, I only feel a slight increase in steering efforts whether in low speed or high speed. I have an older P85D loaner now and before, with the same sports settings, however the steering efforts are...
  50. T

    Max power at high speeds

    I have a factory uncorked 75. While the max power below 60 mph is close to 320KW, at higher speeds the power is significantly lesser. For e.g. max power at 75mph starts at the moment when the pedal is floored and in about a second, the power has reduced from about 300KW to 275KW. And it will...