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(Please) rate my setup - how does this look?

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This is the way! I tried to get Tesla to do this and they wouldn’t. I did the load calc and can get by with just 200 amps for house. Tesla can back and suggested I replace one 40 circuit panel with 80 circuit panel. I thought about it and accepted that solution just so we could move forward. It didn’t have to go that way, but I wanted powerwalls.

To OP, feeders don’t have to be individually current protected. But do to emergency disconnect rules you might requir a breaker as a disconnecting means….
You jurisdiction should take a years worth of data in place of a loads calc, so pull you maximum instantaneous power from your panel. Can you down load each panels data, put in spreadsheet and add both panels together and find the peak…

I put my chargers on the non-backup panel, but I have a 50A/240V receptacle in garage connected to the backed up loads panel and have the Tesla mobile cable I can use to charge from solar during a grid down event if needed.
@CrazyRabbit - Question for you based on the above - how do I calculate kW load from kWh over the course of a month? The conversion formula itself is simple, but I'm not sure what to use for the time variable to get the load number I'm needing. The Leviton load center panels and my Utility both show me kWh consumption over time, and the Leviton panel will show me instantaneous Watt usage at any given moment for each panel and each branch circuit, but it doesn't log the Watts data in a way that I can see peak load over the course of a day - only cumulative consumption... so how are people sizing for load?

At this point, I've been watching critical circuits over time, taking spot-checks on them and know "about" how much the heavy loads pull when running, and I've got a very good idea (as noted in the original post) what the house uses "at idle" when none of those big loads are switched on, but that's me munging a bunch of numbers together - some being anecdotal due to observing them at spot checks.
I'm going to check with the installer and see why they are recommending the 370W panels. I talk with them in person on Tuesday afternoon, so I'll have some updates to the original post and questions from them after that meeting takes place.
@furuike - I talked with the installer and was told it was due to the dimensions of my roof and the area being used for panels vs. the dimensional differences between the 370W panels and the 400W panels. I was told I could get more of the 370W panels in the same area and better meet my total production needs.