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Potential Depreciation on a Model 70

Could current and past leasee folks kindly comment on what their potential depreciation cost has been on their leases? I have a friend who has a model 60 (with a 40 model capped capacity) that is coming to the end of the three year lease and she says Tesla is offering a program where all of the current car payment will apply into a new model 70 purchase. Frankly, i don't understand how this was even remotely possible if Tesla model S has anywhere near the standard new car depreciation cost. Does it mean the money factor of a Tesla is close to zero AND the car has insanely low depreciation? :smile:

Another way to look at it would be to analyze what is a good approximation for a one year, two year and a three year depreciation for say a new model 70 if someone was to lease this today.
I'm not sure I understand the question as well. Most of the 40's were built and delivered around the same time in 2013. I didn't think they had a true lease program back then (May-July 2013). We received a guarantee repurchase agreement, sort of a guaranteed residual/trade in after 36 months, if we wanted to trade it in.

It was something along the lines of 50% purchase price and 40% on the accessories/options.