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Premium Connectivity options going forward?

My one year trial just ran out on my MY. I dont see anything on it that justified the 10 dollars a month charge. Seems like connecting iPhone hotspot if I want music streaming etc works fine.

Has anyone figured out a seamless way to connect hotspot? Tesla automatically turns off the wifi when driving, and you have to manually turn it on every time, is there a way to keep it on all the time so it automatically connects to the hotspot?

Guess it make sense to keep people from easily using hotspots or why they dont have Apple Play integration. Kinda shitty that they dont offer an alternative.
I just stream music through my iPhone as a connected media device via Bluetooth. That way, it usually starts playing music when the car is put into drive. I don’t use any of the car features that use premium connectivity so I don’t bother with a hotspot.
Does the lack of premium connectivity affect navigation or the map updates? Never thought about how live navigation works. Are maps downloaded or are they accessed live when needed? Wonder how a hot spot would work for this.
Without Premium Connectivity, you won't have live traffic displayed but traffic is still taken into account when it navigates a route. Also, navigation will show maps instead of satellite view. The map tiles will still be downloaded when driving when there's a cell signal available.
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Ok so looks like you get traffic based navigation even with standard. Main reason I want wifi hotspot to work right away is for this so I guess I don’t need to worry about it.

Still sucks to manually turn on wifi every time but since there is no rush with above not as bad.