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Price Check 2018 Model S 100D 23,209 Miles!

I'm waiting on Tesla to give me my trade-in value. Might be hard to beat with their $5K bonus for trading in unlimited Supercharging. The car is like new. The only change I made was upgraded wheels.

Ultra High Fidelity Sound
Full Self-Driving Capability
Black Brake Calipers
Subzero Weather Package
Carbon Fiber Décor
GPS Enabled Homelink
Cream Premium
Premium Upgrades Package
Red Multi-Coat (PPMR)
Glass Roof
Cream Premium Interior
No Spoiler
Smart Air Suspension
No Third Row Seat
100D Long Range
Light Headliner
Free Unlimited Supercharging
I'm trading in a 2018 Model S100D with about 26k miles, also with FSD. Mine is white with black textile interior, but otherwise similar to yours, except without free supercharging. The first trade in offer was $47,300, which was in the middle of the range Tesla gave me. That offer expired on Thursday so I had to submit a new one yesterday, and that came back as $47,000. I haven't driven the car since requesting the first offer, so I was hoping to get the same amount, but $300 less isn't bad, considering the price of my car went up $2,750 earlier this week.
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How do you request a trade-in value from Tesla? Are there any other companies that might offer a better deal than Tesla for a Model S? Carvana perhaps? Thank you
Search for threads that mention Carvana, Carmax, etc. In my case Tesla’s trade-in offer was higher than the other companies, but other people have had different results. It will vary based on a number of factors, so should always get quotes from the other companies.

I can’t access the Tesla website right now because of my VPN, but there’s a link on their website to request a trade in estimate. Look on the menu. That will give you an estimated range. Once you place an order, you can request an actual trade-in quote via the app.