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Questions for UK dual charger owners.

I’ve only been an owner for 2 weeks but I’m already beginning to think that there may be some worth in getting the second charger installed. I have a range limited 70D and a Chademo adapter which worked great at Chester services but I was scuppered on the A55 at Holywell (Singing Kettle services) because the DC was down. The 43kw AC was working fine at the stall and I still got a couple of miles charge whilst waiting for my chicken nuggets. I could have got a much better mph charge from the AC with a dual charger set up. I’m also thinking that many of the public charging points in the UK are only 1 stall even though there is normally both an AC and a DC feed. If someone is already at the stall using the DC feed with dual chargers perhaps I could maintain a reasonable charge rate on the AC whilst waiting for the DC to free up.

Any thoughts? Has anybody else found a benefit in the having the dual charger for similar reasons to those above? Can I even use the alternative feed on these DBT chargers (ecotricity) if someone is already using the other?
The DBT units do not allow you to use AC and DC at the same time. Some other makes of triple-head units (ABB?) do allow one AC and one DC, but they are comparatively rare.

Likewise, DBT faults leaving the AC working but the DC dead seem less common than just the whole unit out of use (based on reports on various forums plus my more limited experience), though obviously it can happen.

I have dual chargers, but haven't used them (other than situations where single charger would be just as good) since I've had the CHAdeMO adapter. There are places with 22kW AC (only) charging where dual chargers would be useful - I noticed a bunch of them have popped up in Cornwall recently, for example - so if you go often to those places then dual chargers could be worth it, but IMO as insurance against broken DC at Ecotricity sites, it's expensive insurance for a rare situation.