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Red Model x p100d

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I love this car but it does pose a problem with frequent travelers for my children’s sports activities. It currently has 9,300 miles but it is my daily driver. Original MSRP is $172,000 and I will consider reasonable offers. It is in pristine condition with no accidents.


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Just to give you some direction with pricing, just received a quote yesterday for a brand new MX P100D that I am looking at buying with only 375 miles on it and still eligible for federal tax credit of $7,500 and free supercharging for life for $132K. So in effect cost $124,500. So, with 9300 miles on your car and 10 months old, a buyer will look for a really competitive selling price to buy from you, otherwise you are competing with Tesla itself. Hopefully this helps you. Just my 2 cents.
@gearchruncher , my OA Daniel Herrera is pretty good at finding some amazing showroom discount cars. His email is [email protected], cell (redacted) but please respect the fact that this is his personal cell number and call only during business hours 10AM-6PM PST, Wed-Sun. I bet if you mentioned that Amit Patel told you about him, he will try just as hard to find something that fits your needs/wants. I bought 2 MS through him, reserved 2 M3 and base roadster too. It would be great if you were to use my referral code AMIT519 when you order your new MS or MX. As you probably already know using a referral will get you free supercharging for life of the new car. Unlimited Tesla Supercharging and Extended Solar Warranty

Please don't post personal phone numbers or an individual's email address on an internet forum without their permission ... perhaps edit your post to remove it & suggest people pm you for the info? I'm sure he did tell you he was fine with giving out his number, but I suspect he didn't realize it would be posted publicly.
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