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RTA stuck on after Emmc upgrade


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May 31, 2023
Hello! I own a 2016 model S which generally I love. However I took it in to get the supercharger unit upgraded and while they did that, they replaced the Emmc. (I still have the original MCU1- if that's right terminology for the original computer) After that I had a whole stack of trouble which has mostly been ironed out. Except the Road Traffic Announcements are stuck on with the traffic light icon greyed out and unresponsive. Tesla tell me there is nothing they can do until there is a software update. It has been 6 months and it drives me nuts f I am trying to listen to the news/interview/fav song etc. Has anyone else got the same problem or is it just me?
As you are quire new to the car then have you done any reboot to the MCU? You can use the scroll wheels (both on the wheel) to start. But there is much more deeper option available, if you choose on the main screen menu section SERVICE and select WHEEL CONFIGURATION. On that menu you can change the wheel settings for the computer and this will perform much deeper restart. It will take app. 5-6 min. to boot up, after this you might want to change the settings back to your original size. Yes, this is two boots on a row but it has helped in situations if some sections have not started to work as should.
Hello! Thanks for your reply. Will that effectively factory reset the car though? Or will it still remember my preferences?

I had the low volt battery changed today and, talking to the engineer, I didn't realise that my car hasn't been speaking to my home Wifi since January so it hasn't had any updates since then! That could well be the problem. I will try and sort that out first although the car seems to be having trouble finding my wifi where it never used to

We have had the car since 2016 but I have never been the one looking after it til now. So still get free charging - woo!
Last week, I had the eMMC recall repair done on 2014 Model S P85+ with 71,000 miles (but got a new $13000 battery after original died 3 months ago!!). Day after recall repair, the car wouldn’t open or wake up. Key didn’t do anything. App didn’t do anything-just “times out”. Next day, it started and opened just fine. Now, 2 days later, it won’t wake up again, doors won’t open so I can’t do any reboot. Any thoughts or ideas?
When the car shut down three months ago the repair looked at 12V and said it was fine. Instead, I had to replace the main battery. Did that. I’m wondering if-while doing the eMMC upgrade-something might have been loosened? I can’t open the car to do anything. I also noticed right after recall repair that the reverse camera would either show black or show a still shot of a previous background. Really odd.