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Sacramento to Reno?

I've read 6 miles lost per 1000 feet climbed.

I know of one Roadster owner that commuted between Rocklin and Reno occasionally, at least before he got his S, and don't recall any issues mentioned. To be sure you make the distance, you could top off at the public charger he installed here in Rocklin.

Reno -> SF almost certainly cannot be done in one shot with a Roadster. However there is a convenient high amp charger in Davis.
Jack Bowers has made the trip frequently in his Roadster between Rocklin and Reno. But if you have questions about the drive, send him a pm. I've done it a couple of times without problems, but Jack is def the expert on that route.

I'm not sure the Rocklin HPC is still 70 amps, btw. Roadster owners are always free to stop at my place in Loomis and charge at 70amps off my ClipperCreek HPC. There is also a 70amp HPC in Auburn, right off 80 at the Clipper Creek facility.
That trip should be easy. I'd still range charge. If you have the Model S to Roadster adapter there are plenty of HPWCs at the various casinos in Reno too. Reno to SF without stopping not possible I think.
We've done the trip from just south of Carson City to Sac & Rocklin many, many times without any issues. When returning up the hill we always calculate the mileage plus about 10-15% to make sure we have that comfortable buffer. We have driven on 80, 50 & 88 (our favorite because of less traffic and more scenic) all without issues.

Like Bonnie has mentioned, Reno has multiple charging points, some J1772 and some MS HPWC. We use PlugShare as our EVSE reference.

It is not possible to drive from Reno to SF without stopping for a charge. Rocklin does have it's MS HPWC and gracious Bonnie (she is the best!) is only a message away.
For future reference the trip was a breeze driving at 50-60 and with the range charge outside Sacramento (thanks Bonnie):

11am leave alameda with 215 miles
1pm arrive Rocklin with 117 miles left
3:40pm leave with 221 miles
6pm arrive Reno with 105 miles left

The math seems to suggest that a short charge outbound would be sufficient (albeit with little margin) and that a return trip should be doable given the long downhill coming back.
elevation change of 9,000 feet, climb of ~11,000 feet as you repeat some of the climb. 2800 # with two passengers, 30,800,000 foot pounds, which is 11.6 kilowatt hours to lift the car that much (if not accelerating) , and then maybe some relief from the drive down the multiple hills and then the last summit, so perhaps a 45 mile penalty for the climb?