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Service appointments two weeks?

I’m in Orange County and have seen the service appointment times spiral out of control the last six months — they seem to get progressively worse as more and more Model 3’s hit the road.

I’ve got a P85D, an M3, and had one of the first MS vins in the early days. I am the the biggest Tesla fan, but the issues around service have me telling friends to hold on buying.

My P85D had a passenger handle go dead last Sunday. The first issue in three years on this vehicle. I called service on Monday and the first appointment they had WAS TWO WEEKS OUT. They recommended using mobile service and said a mobile service tech would call in 24-48 hours. On Wednesday I tried calling service three times but kept waiting 10+ min on hold and had to hang up. I finally reached a human on Wednesday evening. He explained to me in a very condescending voice that a callback in 24-48 hours meant 24-48 BUSINESS HOURS — as in 3-6 business days. I was floored. Who uses “24-48 hours” when they really mean 3-6 days. He assured me someone would call on Thursday.

Now it is late Thursday and still no callback. So, I called the Costa Mesa service center direct through a back channel number. Explained the situation. The customer rep was very friendly, but again, just took my information and said she would try and get me an appointment.

In the meantime, my P85D lease is almost up. I am looking at replacing with a P100D, but not sure what the lead time is. So, I called the Tesla sales line and got directed to the Model S and X sales group, where I was told the expected hold time would be greater than one hour!!!! For Model S sales!

I know there has been a lot of exec turn-over at the top of the service organization (Bousta left in June), but I can’t get my >$100K car serviced.

Unfortunately, our M3 was in for service a lot. More than 4 weeks worth when we first got it. It is now 100% good, but I am concerned that M3 orders are boxing out MS customers. For six months Costa Mesa has been promising better service, more hiring, etc, but the service in OC is getting worse not better. Tesla has no customer segmentation or preferred status, so this is bound to get worse.

Is Costa Mesa an anomaly or are others seeing the same thing?
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Tesla has no customer segmentation or preferred status, so this is bound to get worse.

Wow the arrogance is hilarious. "i paid a lot of money so i dont deserve to wait!"

If you want preferred status for supposedly spending more money, you leased your car, you're on the bottom of the totem pole. You actually paid the least amount of money so you should get dead last status according to that logic.

It isn’t necessarily about how much money is spent, it is about customer loyalty. Most businesses have some type of customer loyalty program. Airlines and hotels are the most obvious, but even my local Mercedes dealer has a VIP Star program.

I’ve owned four Tesla’s. 3 cash and one leased. (and a lease is the same as cash to Tesla). I’ve referred dozens. Loyalty could be derived from a lot of different measures.

....and yes, Tesla does it too. Those “loyal” Model S owners got their Model 3’s first, while others waited. It isn’t arrogant. It is good business to reward loyalty. Tesla just hasn’t started to do it on the service side of the house, as other OEMs do.

That being said, the primary concern of this thread is about two week wait times for service. If service appointments were two days the service and loyalty question becomes irrelevant.
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It's only going to get worse and worse.
At least you HAVE service centers. Try living in Florida and having to drive 130 miles to GET service.
And the mobile service is a cheap workaround. So many things they cannot fix.
Waiting stinks and I hope Tesla's revolutionary approach to mobile service is the ultimate solution because it will be even more convenient. Also, these issues are not unique to Tesla at all. I have a VW diesel and am STILL having issues with my repairs (my car was not eligible for trade-in). Have had a dysfunctional car now for 6 weeks and still no end in sight on needed part that is on back order.