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SIM card change Model S?

This week I had a message pop up in the app about a free service to change the SIM card. I have an MCU2 car so I'm not sure why it is needed as it's already using 4G/LTE and wouldn't it have been big news if tesla were switching data provider? Doesn't fix the blank map tiles either apparently. Data coverage has been noticeably worse as time goes on.

If it is needed has anyone else had it done on an MCU2 early S ie pre 2015. How long did it take? Mobile tech said it took a day which again seems odd as the last SD card swaps were 3 hours each which is just about ok. Is it really buried further in than an SD card? Without a loan car there no way of getting it done without massive inconvenience. Car is on wifi at home and hotspot could be used on the move so it would just mean losing traffic which would be a bit annoying but not sitting around for 8 hours in a service centre equivalent.

I'm sure I've been through this before as car was shown as having the mcu1 memory update outstanding when it already had the mcu2 installed. Makes me wonder if there's not wonky data for it.

Anyone else got any more information about exactly what this new SIM card is for? Is it adding 5G?
Would anyone know how to activate a non Tesla sim in a non-core market zone?

With MCU1 EU cars built after 2015, we had the sim extender right next to the CAN diagnostics port beneath the center screen. We would replace sim, if necessary change APN from dev mode and that'd be it.

However with MCU2 there is no sim extender. Instead, there's a sim slot to the right of the MCU cage. When we replace it with another sim (no pin codes on the sim obviously) it doesn't work. When we try to change APN from MCU2 dev mode it always fails on stays on a loop so we have to reset. After rest old APN is back. I'm suspecting it might be programmed to work with eSIM but our market doesn't have eSIM. I'd appreciate a guide to enable MCU2 non-Tesla sim internet.
From another post.

Does anyone know if the RHD cars also have a sim slot next to the MCU cage and how long it takes to access these? The mobile person seemed surprised not to see the extender but it looks like the pre 2015 cars have no extender but neither does the MCU2. I still feel this is causing the confusion as it looks like an MCU1 original car but isn't. Being pre 2015 it must in a very small number of cars that are this old but have MCU2 hence it catches them out.
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So nobody else has had this??

MCU2 SIM swap book time turned out to be 2 hours. The all day catastrophe was an exaggeration but turns out work is needed for MCU2.

Anyone heard anything about Telsa changing mobile networks in the UK maybe?

Is there anyone else with a Model S that has had this job listed at any time?
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It’s likely the carrier is abandoning frequency bands your SIM card uses in favor of new bands your SIM doesn’t know/support.

We’ve experienced that with mobiles in the US. My wife would complain about poor call quality and disconnects with an older iPhone. When I had heard enough, I would drag her into the Apple Store. The staff would persuade her to move to a near-current model and the problem was solved.
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