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Slight Clunking / Thudding Sound on hard acceleration

Discussion in 'Model S' started by jsimon77, Jan 12, 2016.

  1. jsimon77

    jsimon77 Member

    Feb 15, 2015
    Los Angeles, Ca

    Over the past couple of days I started to notice that there seems to be an odd clunking and thudding sound under hard acceleration. It feels like it coming from the front of the car. It feel more like a mechanical thing and not a tire thing. It seems to only be happening when the car is more after a 5-10 minutes of driving it seems to go away.

    Any ideas what it could be?
  2. David99

    David99 Active Member

    Jan 31, 2014
    Brea, Orange County
    It could be the traction control doing it's work. I noticed it a lot when I accelerate hard to some roads that have patches or going over street marking as such. It's the sudden change of losing and gaining grip in short intervals. It sometimes feels like something in the suspension is loose.
  3. P85

    P85 Member

    Dec 12, 2014
    I have a sound like you´re describing. Coming from the front, P85D.

    I did a test-drive with a Tesla Mechanic, they took the car in and changed the front right driveshaft. It helped a few weeks, but now the sound is back.
    I feel the sound is coming from the front left, and I think it may be engine mounts or something. It does not feel like a drive shaft joint as there are no vibrations.

    It is most noticeable when the car is cold.

    Here´s how mine sounds:
    P85D noise from front during acceleration - YouTube

    I havn´t had time to go back to Tesla for another inspection, been driving like this for about 2 months. And, I don´t look forward to delivering the Tesla and drive a Volvo for a week or two again..
  4. Shew

    Shew Member

    Feb 21, 2015
    Redmond, WA
    #4 Shew, Jan 13, 2016
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2016
    Yes, I have an early P85D with this exact same issue. The YouTube recording is great - that is the sound.

    I brought the P85D to the service center and they couldn't figure it out. As members indicated above, it seems to only occur when the car is cold and under hard acceleration. That makes it hard to determine what is happening at the service station. Especially as it goes away after a minute or two of driving and applying the breaks.

    It is concerning to have that noise occurring when accelerating hard. Makes me wonder if is something is going wrong. So I'd like to know what is causing the noise and either confirm it is okay or get it fixed.
  5. WarrenInCA

    WarrenInCA Member

    Oct 4, 2014
    Scotts Valley, CA
    I have that sound as well. For me it seems to happen when the car is cold.
  6. Lauren

    Lauren Member

    Aug 26, 2014
    Dallas, TX
    After my walkthrough, the Tesla delivery gal took my charging adaptor out of the little zippered container in the trunk and brought it into the car to talk to me about it. She then told me about how she keeps it in the glovebox, so she stuck it in there.

    I embarrassingly have to admit that it clunked a little bit (only when accelerating or braking quickly) in there until I realized what was making that noise > < Apparently older versions of the car had a little nook that it would fit snugly in the glove box but something changed with the newer ones.

    > <
  7. MarkS22

    MarkS22 Member

    Apr 6, 2015
    Morris County, NJ
    I'm having a similar sound from the front left on hard acceleration on a P85D. I'm going to try to get a good recording of the sound because the example in this thread seems a little more "thud" and less "metallic" in nature. It seems to stop after passing approximately 45mph. It does seem to go away after driving for a bit, only to return after the car has been sitting.
  8. DanTheMan

    DanTheMan Member

    Oct 31, 2014
    Edmonton, AB
    Anyone notice difference in accelerating under modes? Insane mode launch I can now hear it. Seems like front left side. Sport mode launch, seems very faint. Air Temperature Approx 60 F. I did notice a faint shudder some time ago after I had my 21" replace the 19" (thought maybe traction). The thudding/shuddering seems to now be more amplified. Maybe some type of rubber mount possibly? I'm having wheels switched for upcoming trip and will ask service center.
  9. Joetnr1

    Joetnr1 Member

    Nov 10, 2015
    Los Angeles
    I felt this in my 70 today for the first time ever. Similar story, my car had been sitting in a parking spot on the side of the road for a half day. I needed a pretty strong acceleration to get out of the spot into traffic and I felt this same clunking described. Car was cold, but still a very strange and uneasy feeling. Turned the radio down in a panic to get a good listen and by the time I did that the sound was gone.

    Has anyone been able to diagnose this yet? Thanks.
  10. Teleporter

    Teleporter Member

    Apr 19, 2015
    North Carolina
    Same noise. SC replaced rt front drive shaft. No more noise.
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  11. Gastrogate

    Gastrogate Member

    Oct 6, 2016
    I've got my model s p100d in 21th of December.
    When doing a cold weather acceleration there is a similar sound as described above.

    Wasn't there when I've got the car but started to sound after a couple of miles.

    The sound goes away after a couple of accelerations but it worries me a bit.

    Currently there are lots of snow in Sweden, but I will talk to service to figure out what it could be.

    Anyone else with a p100d that experience the same issue?
  12. theslimshadyist

    theslimshadyist NashVegas!

    Jan 4, 2016
    Franklin, TN
    I'm not having this issue and the outside temps the last few days have ranged between 10-24F

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