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Vendor Smart Charge Your Tesla and Save Over $100/year on Your Home Energy Bill With ev.energy

After two years of refining our award-winning, smart-charging technology with a select group of utility partners (including American Electric Power, Ameren and Silicon Valley Clean Energy) we have launched our app, for free to the general US public March 22, 2021. 

Why should Tesla owners be interested? The ev.energy helps Tesla drivers automatically charge during off-peak hours, saving the average EV driver over $100/year on their home energy bill (even more if you live in California). What’s more, you can also earn additional monthly cash rewards simply from plugging your car in and ‘smart charging’. 

Take a look at our favourite ev.energy features:

Connect and save with all major utility proivders. No matter who your energy supplier is, the ev.energy app connects your charging to your utility rate plan and optimized to the cheapest/off-peak times.

Reporting all in one place. The ev.energy app also consolidates all of your charging data into one place. Track energy consumption, costs, savings and carbon emissions in a single dashboard. And don’t worry, the app tracks at home and on-the-go charges, so you’ll have one combined view.

Helps the grid and the planet. By turning on the ‘smart charging’ functionality in the ev.energy app, you will align your Tesla’s charging with renewable energy generation. This means your charging will actually be lower-carbon and help redistribute energy throughout the grid.

No extra hardware required. Unlike other apps, you won’t need to purchase any additional hardware. ev.energy is a software-only solution, designed to give you a seamless experience without any cables or wires. 

U.S. Founding 500

We are on the lookout for their founding 500 members in the U.S. who will enjoy a lifetime of free access to the ev.energy app and all future releases. This includes our upcoming software-only Home Solar feature (rooftop solar+battery feature to automatically charge your Tesla with zero-carbon solar power) as well as discounted access to major public charging networks.

Download today

You can download today in the Apple and Google Play stores. We will notify you if you’re one of the top 500 in the coming weeks. 


Energy Gal, 04/07/2020Works great with TeslasSaves me money on PG&E’s EV rate! Easily connected to my Model 3, I set a ready-by time and let them do the hard work. Saved me $30 off my energy bill last month.

Sympn, 07/11/2019Great little app that keeps getting betterI have been using this for many months in order to charge using the cheapest and cleanest electricity. The support team responds to issues and suggestions. I look forward to seeing how it develops in the future.

dylmorris17, 20/11/2020Excellent app & service to marchThis app is excellent and has assisted me in saving on my energy bills by charging my Tesla during cheap rate periods with no glitches. Easy to use and great customer service when signing up. Keep up the good work, thanks.

nadmemon, 28/10/2020BrilliantReally good app, manages my charges efficiently. Linked to all major utility suppliers which gives me an exact idea of costing charge for my car.

Pierpoint, 04/08/2020Dramatic Change and Highly EffectiveWas skeptical after trying JuiceNet but this is the real deal. The app connected to my Model S immediately, pulled up my PG&E rate details and asked me to set a ready-by time. I wake up to a fully charged car and am already starting to see the savings on my energy bill. Cool that you can also set it to charge at the lowest-carbons times.

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