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Software glitch causes Model S delivery delay [Speculation]

According to Elektrik Magazine the horizontal display in the Model S Refresh requires extensive software rewrite which is taking much longer than Tesla anticipated. According to the Magazine there were no S Refresh deliveries during Q1. Tesla has had problems with the S display in the past and was forced by the NHSD to recall a number of S vehicles to fix the display. In view of this history Tesla, is withholding deliveries until they get the software "right". At this point it is unclear when the software will be 'fixed" and Tesla employees are unable to give firm delivery dates pending a solution to the problem. I placed my order on March 17 and believe that I may not get my car until June or July. I think Tesla is doing the right thing and would rather wait than get a bad car with software problems.
The recall you referred to is for a hardware issue and not relevant here. The Electrek article said they don’t know what’s causing the delay, they were only speculating.
Wait, Elektrek doesn't know something and still felt the need to create an article presenting speculation and outlandish conjecture as fact to drive site traffic? Say it ain't so! /sarcasm
Everyone is speculating. No one knows. Supplier issues, PRND buttons / stalk last minute changes, full circle wheel / half wheel. I do agree it seems software programming would be the last thing on the list Tesla would delay a car for, but if it is related to safety / drive-ability you can be sure that would most likely delay things.
The most likely delay is the chip shortage, TSMC cant make enough chips for all the companies that need them. its the same reason gamers cant buy GPU's or CPU's for less than scalper prices. Not enough chips to go around and it looks like it will be mid 2023 before TSMC and the other companies are back to normal operations but even that is wishful thinking and its going to be more like 2025-2030 before it all calms down because more people are needing chips every day and thus increasing the demand from the manufactures. So the 2023 timeline is based on the 2019 demand and supply capabilities of them to make what was needed. Normally they operate at about 80% manufacturing capacity and if someone like AMD or Nvidia needs more they can just ramp up and make the extras as needed and run at 100% for a short while then drop back down to like 80%. But with the pandemic people working from home realized their old ass POS computer from 2001 that surfs the web ok doesn't cut it for working from home and doing all the tasks they need and since they are at home PC gaming has seen an uptick in popularity thus dropping the global stock and with chip manufactures unable to got to work for about 6 months, when they finally got operational again they have been running at 100% nonstop. But in that same time the demand increased from other companies that didn't normally need very many chips to now needing a shitload like Tesla and other car companies. So now AMD/Nvidia and the other guys that normally just roll along good to go are short what they need. Also the 6000 series and the 3000 series GPU's are the biggest price to performance ration upgrade we've seen in about 10 years. so gamers that have been running on old hardware this is a huge upgrade if they could get cards and processors at MSRP instead of scalper prices on eBay.

let me get down off my soapbox now, I didn't mean to write a whole essay about this.
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