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Special colors for Performance models?

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May 3, 2019
OK, so Tesla seems to have enough issues dealing with paint - but some other companies, especially American ones, have reserved certain colors for their high-performance models.

It helps to differentiate the econo versions from the higher end ones.

Frankly, I think its a good idea. I know there are some folks who are uncomfortable with their base 3 being confused for a more expensive car, and I get grief for my 3P being such a plain car, compared to what I usually drive.

(Of course, its also has a frown, so obviously appearance isn't the most important factor to Tesla.)

I never see red Teslas, anyway - seems like they should maybe have it as only a performance color/something else interesting.
Originally, there were several differentiating items claimed - for eg all glass roof and white interior reserved for higher end models. Then Tesla realized they needed money RIGHT NOW and that changed. Probably if/when things stabilize they will start to differentiate like a normal car company.

Clearly they can't handle that kind of complexity right now, which is why the base paint option is the absurd choice of pearl white
I always thought they should batch some new colors and rotate them every 6 months. You could get some people off the fence and provide a little more variety doing limited release colors. The boring color palette plus how many they're selling is becoming an issue. Everyone's car looks the same!
Dream on. Tesla makes pre-painted parts and bumpers so limits the SKUs. Also Tesla made the more expensive (cost to Tesla too) Multi Coat white standard rather than offer a standard white as the standard color.
You can always set yourself apart without Tesla's help by doing something like this (your choice of color):