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SR+ Bumper running lights?

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Hello all,

I picked up my SR+ (no fog light) a month ago and noticed the running light in the bumper are not illuminated. Every other model 3 I see on the road have it on at night. Is there something wrong with my car? Or it got deleted when they got rid of the fog lights?

Thanks in advance.

One picture is with headlights on and the other one with just parking lights on.


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I asked Tesla repair guy about this. He said it is part of fog light package and we didn't pay for fog lights. However, it is not part of fog lights, how do I know this? On my friend's SR+ this light lights up when you turn on parking light. It is not part of the fog light at all, it had its own control. However, Tesla refuse to turn on this parking light for me.

you can actually see this in this video:

I think if we had enough people complain to Tesla about this, they will turn on this parking light for SR+ built after June.
Those lights are parking lights, not fog lights. On my car, they come on when the parking lights or the headlights are turned on. The fog light option only toggles the two projector fog lights. Hopefully Tesla can correct this for you guys in a future software update. For those of you who have the service center feeding you a line about them being fog lights, show them how it works on a non-SR+ car on their lot.
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Yeah - all in all it's not a big deal. It is more of an aesthetic thing. It's just a bummer because I do feel it changes the look of the car overall at night, and it doesn't seem like a hard/ costly thing to fix. Last time I was at a SC they told me even if I wanted to pay for the installation it wasn't allowed.

Maybe this time I will go back and explain that although it is within the fog light assembly, they are technically parking/ running lights.
Correct - the hardware is there. But why lock out the parking lights? Seems like an error on Tesla's part.
No, Tesla refuse to unlock it saying it is part of fog light. I call BS, it is part of parking lights. When I told them it is part of parking lights and shown them videos of other people turning this light on by press parking light button, they say this light is no longer offered in new built.
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The parking lights are visible on all models. For some reason Tesla feels the need to separate the fog light/ LED light in the bottom assembly from the partial premium interior. It's honestly pretty silly for how expensive these cars are and how much of an easy feature it would be to add.
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Let me state right up front my Tesla is better than my Volt as a whole and by large margins.
But the my Volt and it's not a premium trim has DRL/Parking lights, footwell lights, cotton/insulated wheel well liners and $4000 cheaper. Again I realize it's not a apple's to apple's comparison in so many ways.
But come on turning off the footwell lights and DRL/Parking lights?
I just checked on my own question. DRL are not required by law.
It just seems really tacky to turn it off and a bit of a safety handicap that isn't necessary.

No because it isn’t a daytime running light, it is a parking light. The daytime running light (actually called a signature light) is in the headlight and is not required in the US, but does not meet the requirements for DRLs in Canada.