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SR+ range is now 402 km

Since the day I got mine it’s been no higher than 375kms for a full charge. So this 402km is a bit of a joke. A brand new one can’t get over 375! Plus I’ve got no where near that range and have constant regen dots unless im below 50%. Totally different experience from my LR.
Has anyone got a bump on their mileage as of today?

My regular setting is to charge up to 90%, and it has always been up to 330km since delivery. I know it's a bit lower than the 386*0.9=347 I was supposed to get, but I always figured it's the way I drive it.

Just woke up today and the same charging to 90% now shows at 341km. I don't think the way I drive it has changed in any meaningful way enough to justify the bump. If anything, the recent temperature drop in YVR would warrant a lower mileage.
My money is on they just factored in the slightly better efficiency of the SR+ due to its lighter weight. Same as what they did when they 'updated' the range on the LR RWD....well, not really the same in that case because that improvement was to reflect the single motor configuration being more efficient than the dual motor, but the SR+ has a few hundred lbs/kg less in battery weight, so for sure would have a different wh/km rating than a LR RWD (ie, it should be more efficient).

If you ask me, its all marketing gobledy-gook.....:p By that I mean, the 'say' 402 km, but that's under ideal conditions and doesn't factor in phantom losses, so if you drive 10 km/day and charge once every 2 weeks you will lose 1/3 of your 'range' to phantom losses....