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They came stock with my P85+ in March 2014. I only use them in the summer as I have 19 inch stock Tesla wheels (also PVD Black Chrome) with All Seasons in the winter. You will love these rims - they look brand new and are in spec. I may drop them as the Tesla SC in Tyco Road for others to check out - I get stopped constantly and get asked where I bought them - they are Tesla 21 stockers - just with a highly durable PVD baked on coating. Here is a link to the thread back when I was exploring options to coat with
P85+ Owners...any comments with regard to ride quality, tires, etc?

I had the wheels PVD Black Chromed ($220 per wheel) - I got the idea from a Jay Leno - he did the exact coating for his corvette wheels. The benefit is that PVD was designed an industrial protective coating for tools that have millions of cycles - the PVD acts like Teflon and you only need to use soap and water to clean off the brake dust. It is extremely durable and looks awesome on the both our white and black Teslas (I did my wifes car the same way with the 19's)

I don't really need them as I already have 19's and I just ordered 20 inch Carbon Fiber rims, which i plan to receive here in a week or so.
Just dropped $1000 for new rear tires this week... this picture was taken at the Laurel MD supercharger this past week. These wheels look best on a white car and "pop" with the contrast of the PVD Black Chrome against the White car....