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Swap spots in line

I'd scanned for a few threads on this, and there were conflicting answers. Some said, obviously you couldn't give your reservation to someone else (or sell it), but you could swap them with someone else. Others said, "nope" and I certainly can't find any way to do that.

It seems like if someone had an account with ONLY a CyberTruck reservation on it, that they could hand that email address/account over, and you could merge it. But in this case, he already had a couple Tesla's on the account it was reserved with -- so that doesn't sound like a viable option.

Where it's at is that I was originally planning on getting the HummerEV, but I changed my mind, pulled that reservation and put mine in for the CyberTruck -- but I'm way late on the list, so will be a couple years out. On the other hand, I have a friend who sincerely re-thought his night-of-announce pre-order, and is thinking of prioritizing replacing his X before getting the CyberTruck. (Too much time spent in the city).

I would love to swap with him, and he's completely game. But as near as I can tell, the only way to do that is to have him buy the Truck and then transfer the title (which means I pay state sales tax/registration twice)? Or is there a way to be there with him, and just have me fill out the forms, and it goes directly to me? Or better, to beg/bribe Tesla into letting me take the reservation on my account instead of his, which moves me a year or two earlier in the line?

Any help/info/suggestions appreciated.
I don't think so. There are ways to limit it to one per customer... or at least one per email address. Imagine a simple check -- $1,000 to confirm your spot in line -- how many individuals are going to have $100,000 to hold 100 reservations? (and that doesn't scale to thousands or millions)... and even if they did -- who does it hurt if someone is allows to buy a spot for $1,000 -- as long as everyone has that option equally?

Remember the basics: the free market is egalitarian. Putting restrictions to favor equity over equality is fundamentally less egalitarian (with a facade or foolish belief that you're making it more so).
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