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Taking delivery in NC as a GA resident?

I bought an inventory MY that had a nice 5k discount last night after speaking to an advisor that told me that GA could order from NC, SC, TN and FL. The MY is in Raleigh, NC and I was planning to drive over there to pick up the car this weekend.
The Tesla app though tells me now that the car can only be registered in NC or SC. It’s pretty much exactly what I feared, but after speaking to the advisor and seeing on several occasions before that the order page was acting weird about availability I figured that this might not be true (My zip code could order from Savannah GA but the town one over in the same county could and so on …).

Anyone know if there’s a way around this restriction or how to work with Tesla to either get this fixed or get my $250 deposit back worst case?
Im not in either state, but seem to remember a few people posting about this. Here is one in the model 3 subforum where they said they were able to pick up in GA for NC registration:

I don't know how it worked for him, but I can tell you that I live in Georgia and tried to take delivery in Florida, and they would not let me. The Tesla people said that Georgia does not accept sales tax paid in other states, and I would have to pay sales tax twice if I wanted to register the car in Georgia. Long story short I just shipped the car as as it has over a 6k price adjustment it was still much cheaper than buying new.