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Wiki Tesla and Elon Musk videos longer than 20 min


Mar 21, 2016
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Tesla related documentaries longer than 20 min

  1. 2011, Elon Musk: Bloomberg Risk Takers, 44m, YouTube, LINK2, Also available on Netflix US and Canada
  2. 2011, Revenge of the Electric Car, 1h 29m,
    Option 1: Click this SEARCH LINK. Select 1h 29m long video if there are any in the search results. Most videos are taken down.
    Option 2: It is available on Netflix US, Canada, Norway. To see a full list of countries where it is available on Netflix, click on the Netflix icon here
    Option 3: A paid version for $2.99 is available on YouTube.
  3. 2012, National Geographic Tesla Megafactories Documentary, 45m, SEARCH LINK (select 45,46 or 47 minutes long video) Very good production quality. The music and the voiceover is excellent. This is probably the best documentary I have ever watched. I watched it many times.

Tesla Model S videos longer than 20 min

  1. 2012 Jun 22, Model S first deliveries, 25m, YouTube, Vimeo
  2. 2012 Nov 12, 2013 MotorTrend Car Of The Year Event, 20m, YouTube, Vimeo
  3. Official Tesla Model S Walkthrough Video 27m, YouTube (the software is old)
  4. Official Tesla Model S Walkthrough Videos, LINK
  5. 2013 Jan 05, Adam Carolla Model S chat, 24m, YouTube, (for long podcast version LINK)
  6. 2013 Jan 07, Tesla Model S Delivery Walkthrough, 42m, YouTube
  7. Official Tesla Model S Touch Screen Video, 31m, LINK (Firmware version in video is v5.12(1.64.38) released on 18 Aug 2014)
  8. 2014 May 17, Mike Anthony, What The Owners Have To Say, 40m, YouTube
  9. 2014 Dec 14, Tesla Model S P85D Delivery Walkthrough, 26m PART1, 17m PART2
  10. Bjørn Nyland Videos YouTube(There are more than 20 videos longer than 20 minutes)
  11. 2014 Jun 17, CNET On Cars, Tesla Model S still the best car in the world?, 24m, YouTube
  12. 2014 Nov 28, How Its Made Dream Cars: Tesla Model S, 20m, (warning, music is terrible) YouTube
  13. 2015 Apr 24, Tesla Model S review by CarAndDriving, 56m, LINK (Full screen doesn't work correctly in 4:3 regular screens. You can change computer resolution settings temporarily to replicate widescreen monitors.)
  14. 2015 Jul 31, Tesla Model S P85D - Test Drive, In-Depth Tour and Impressions, 21m, YouTube

Tesla conference calls

(Audio Recordings)

Elon Musk videos longer than 20 min

(Sorted By Date Recorded)

  1. 2008 Sep 29, A Conversation with Tesla CEO Elon Musk, 24m, LINK
  2. 2008 Nov 07, Elon Musk at Web 2.0 Summit 08, 29m, YouTube
  3. 2009 Apr 07, Elon Musk, Churchill Club Interview, 1h 32m, YouTube
  4. 2010 Aug 03, Elon Musk, Founder Showcase, 43m, YouTube, Better version near end here Click "Channel" button on vid for part2
  5. 2010 Oct 14, Elon Musk at Yale, 55m, Vimeo
  6. 2011 Jan 08, Elon Musk, UCLA, Future of Energy and Transportation, 1h 20m, YouTube
  7. 2011 Jan 20, Elon Musk, Clean Tech Summit 2011, 44m, YouTube, LINK2
  8. 2011 Apr 05, Elon Musk, Stimson Center Interview, 60m, YouTube, Vimeo (transcript as PDF file)
  9. 2011 Sep 23, Elon Musk, Mahalo Mentor Interview, 39m, YouTube
  10. 2011 Oct 17, Elon Musk, Atlantic Meets the Pacific Conference, 42m, YouTube
  11. 2012 Feb 09, Elon Musk, Model X Reveal, 25m, YouTube, Vimeo
  12. 2012 Jun 06, Tesla Motors, Inc. 2012 Annual Shareholder Meeting, 58m, LINK1, YouTube
  13. 2012 Jul 12, Fireside Chat With Elon Musk, Pando Monthly, 1h 3m, YouTube
  14. 2012 Sep 07, Elon Musk, Kevin Rose Interview, 26m, YouTube
  15. 2012 Oct 04, Elon Musk, Popular Mechanics Interview, 48m, YouTube
  16. 2012 Nov 14, Elon Musk, University of Oxford, 1h 26m, LINK
  17. 2013 Jan 22, Elon Musk, Computer History Museum Interview, 1h 16m, YouTube
  18. 2013 Feb 25, Elon Musk, TED Talks, 21m, LINK1, YouTube
  19. 2013 Feb 26, Elon Musk and Dr Steven Chu, 2013 ARPA-E Summit, 34m, YouTube
  20. 2013 Mar 09, Elon Musk, SXSW Conference, 54m, Vimeo
  21. 2013 Apr 17, A Conversation with Elon Musk, Khan Academy, 48m, YouTube
  22. 2013 Apr 29, Interview with Elon and Kimbal Musk, Milken Institute, 50m, YouTube
  23. 2013 Jun 04, Tesla Motors, Inc. 2013 Annual Shareholder Meeting, 1h 25m, YouTube
  24. 2013 Jul 15, Elon Musk at 2013 Teslive Event, 59m, YouTube
  25. 2013 Aug 20, Elon Musk Dutch TV Interview, 26m, SEARCH LINK (select 26 minutes long video)
  26. 2013 Sep 17, Elon Musk at Montana Jobs Summit, 35m, YouTube
  27. 2013 Oct 02, Elon Musk Interview, Stanford GSB 2013, 53m, YouTube
  28. 2013 Oct 21, Elon Musk in München Germany Tesla Event, 23m, YouTube
  29. 2013 Nov 12, Elon Musk NYTimes DealBook Interview, 24m, LINK
  30. 2013 Nov 18, Elon Musk Interview, LA World Affairs Council, 46m YouTube
  31. 2013 Dec 12, Elon Musk Interview, Dell World 2013, 45m, YouTube
  32. 2014 Jan 31, Elon Musk, Townhall meeting in Amsterdam, 56m, YouTube
  33. 2014 Feb 01, Elon Musk in Oslo, 1h 30m, YouTube
  34. 2014 Feb 27, Elon Musk, California Public Utilities Commission, 1h 53m, LINK
  35. 2014 Apr 22, Elon Musk, TV Interview in China, 23m, SEARCH LINK (select 23 minutes long video)
  36. 2014 Apr 25, Elon Musk, 2014 Export-Import Bank Conference, 28m, LINK
  37. 2014 Jun 03, Tesla Motors, Inc. 2014 Annual Shareholder Meeting, 1h 14m, YouTube
  38. 2014 Jun 17, CNBC's number 1 disruptor Elon Musk, 21m, LINK
  39. 2014 Sep 04, Tesla Gigafactory Announcement, 25m, YouTube
  40. 2014 Sep 08, Elon Musk, Japan Deliveries, 31m, LINK
  41. 2014 Oct 08, Elon Musk at Vanity Fair’s New Establishment Summit, 36m, YouTube
  42. 2014 Oct 24, One-on-one with Elon Musk, MIT Centennial Symposium, 1h 15m, YouTube
  43. 2015 Jan 13, Elon Musk at 2015 Automotive News World Congress Detroit, 60m, YouTube, LINK2
  44. 2015 Jan 13, Elon Musk Automotive News World Congress Q&A Session, 27m, YouTube, LINK2
  45. 2015 Jan 15, Elon Musk at Texas Transportation Forum, 32m, YouTube
  46. 2015 Mar 17, GTC 2015: NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang Interviews Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk, 21m, YouTube
  47. 2015 May 18, Elon Musk Interview On Chinese Television, 31m, SEARCH LINK (Select 31m long video)
  48. 2015 Jun 08, Elon Musk and JB Straubel at 2015 EEI Annual Convention, 1h2m, YouTube
  49. 2015 Jul 07, ISS R&D Conference in Boston 2015 - A Conversation with Elon Musk, 53m, YouTube

Other people from Tesla Motors in videos longer than 20 min

(Sorted By Date Recorded)

  1. 2006 Aug 05, JB Straubel (Chief Technology Officer), Electric Cars Presentation, 26m, YouTube
  2. 2009 Oct 07, Franz von Holzhausen (Chief Designer), User Interface Design, LINK
  3. 2009 Oct 24, Diarmuid O'Connell (Vice President, Business Development), 24m, YouTube, LINK2
  4. 2011 Jan, JB Straubel (Chief Technology Officer), Roadster Interview, 23m, YouTube
  5. 2012 Oct 05, Milo Werner (New Product Introduction Manager), Tesla Motors Sourcing Strategy, 56m, YouTube
  6. 2012 Nov 13, Dave Duff (Senior Mechanical Engineer), Stanford Unv. Lecture, 1h 17m, YouTube
  7. 2013 Sep 13, JB Straubel (Chief Technology Officer), 2013 Energy@Stanford, 30m, YouTube
  8. 2013 Oct 08, JB Straubel (Chief Technology Officer), 2013 GCEP Symposium, 56m, YouTube
  9. 2013 Nov 15, Franz von Holzhausen (Chief Designer), Interview, YouTube
  10. 2014 Jan 14, Jerome Guillen (Vice President, Sales and Service), 2014 Detroit Auto Show, 25m, YouTube
  11. 2014 May 05, Marc Tarpenning (Co-Founder), Tesla Motors History, 1h 43m, YouTube
    (The PDF used in this presentation can be found here)
  12. 2014 May 21, JB Straubel (Chief Technology Officer), 2014 Energy Storage Symposium Keynote, 54m, YouTube (the PDF file of that presentation is here)
  13. 2014 Jul 01, Javier Verdura (Director of Product Design), 54m, YouTube, LINK2, LINK3
  14. 2015 Feb 27, Jerome Guillen (Vice President, Sales and Service), P85D in Switzerland, 22m, YouTube, YouTube
  15. 2015 Mar 15, JB Straubel (Chief Technology Officer), 2015 Vail Global Energy Forum, 1h07m, YouTube, (the slideshow used in this presentation is here)
  16. 2015 Mar 25, Jim Chen (VP of Regulatory Affairs), 2015 Georgia Technology Summit, 39m, LINK
  17. 2015 May 04, Jim Chen (VP of Regulatory Affairs), Interview, 23m, YouTube
  18. 2015 May 13, JB Straubel (Chief Technology Officer), Think 15 Seminar by CO-OP Think, 52m, YouTube

Other Tesla related videos longer than 20 min

(Sorted By Date Recorded)

  1. 2013 May 31, Tesla Go Electric Web Design Case Study, 44m, YouTube
  2. 2013 Jul 30, Tesla, Nissan, Volt batteries compared by Professor Jeff Dahn, 1h 13m, YouTube
  3. 2014 Apr 17, Bloomberg News, Tesla v. Dealerships, 48m, LINK
  4. 2014 Jun 02, Data management at Tesla factory using Tableau software, 51m, YouTube

Content indirectly related to Tesla longer than 20 min

  1. Radio Program About NUMMI Factory, 2010, 61m, LINK (Click on the small arrow under the picture. There is a 23 second radio advert before it starts)
    This is a sad story about Toyota and GM's Nummi Factory. Today that building is Tesla's Fremont Factory where they build the cars. Tesla bought it from Toyota. It had a capacity of 500.000 cars per year. Elon Musk said in the future Tesla will restore the factory to its former capacity.
    In September 2014 during his Japan trip Elon said they have a lot of things to learn from Toyota. This radio program provides some background on why Elon said that. It gives a glance into a fascinating piece of history where two companies with very different cultures, Toyota and GM collided with each other. Maybe it also gives us some clues where Tesla could go and what kind of company they could become.
  2. Who Killed the Electric Car? (2006, 92m, Documentary) SEARCH LINK (select 92 minutes long video)

    Elon Musk talked about this documentary many times (YouTube, YouTube). He said when GM made the EV1 he thought they would continue with EV2, EV3. But when they crushed the EV1 that's when he knew electric cars wouldn't succeed without a new car company. In other interviews Elon said his motivation is to take a sad thing and change it into a positive. This documentary gives us an idea on the background why Tesla Motors was started.
    The director of this documentary, Chris Paine, also directed the documentary 'Revenge of the Electric Car' (listed above) a few years after this. Here is a 49m interview with him about his two documentaries where he also talks about Tesla and Elon Musk among other things.
  3. Interview with Lyndon Rive, Elon Musk's cousin and the CEO of SolarCity. In parts of this interview he talks about Tesla batteries for solar energy storage. 09 Dec 2013, 21m, YouTube, LINK2

Non-English Tesla videos longer than 20 min

(Sorted By Date Recorded)

  1. 2014 Mar 21, (German) Futurist Lars Thomsen talks about electric cars and Tesla, 33m, YouTube
  2. 2014 Sep 06, (German) Futurist Lars Thomsen talks about electric cars and Tesla, 47m, YouTube
  3. 2014 Oct 03, (French) Jerome Guillen (Vice President, Sales and Service) on French TV, 33m, YouTube
  4. 2015 Mar 08, (German) Tesla YouTube Channel by Horst Lüning with many 20+mib videos, YouTube
  5. 2015 Mar 29, (German) Vorstellung des TESLA Model S P85D mit Dualmotorantrieb und Autopilot, 34m, YouTube
  6. 2015 Aug 10, (Russian) Tesla Model S, Nissan Leaf, Smart electric drive. Тест-драйв электрокаров, 21m, YouTube
  7. 2015 Aug 11, (German) Was TESLA besser macht!, 22m, YouTube

Important Tesla videos less than 20 minutes

(Sorted By Date Recorded)
  1. 2012 Oct 04, Car and Driver Tested 2013 Tesla Model S, 16m, YouTube
  2. 2013 Oct 24, Tesla Model S Review by Exotic Driver, 13m, YouTube
  3. 2014 Oct 09, Tesla D Event, 13m, YouTube
  4. 2015 Apr 29, 2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat vs. 2015 Tesla Model S P85D, Motor Trend, 17m, YouTube
  5. 2015 Apr 30, Tesla Energy, PowerWall product reveal event, 18m, YouTube, LINK2
  6. 2015 May 14, Tesla Model S P85D review, by Everyday Reviews, 17m, YouTube
  7. 2015 May 20, How BIG is Tesla?, 15m, YouTube

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2015 Jul 07, SSRDC 2015 - A Conversation with Elon Musk, 53m
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2015 Jul 31, Tesla Model S P85D - Test Drive, In-Depth Tour and Impressions, 21m
2015 Aug 10, (Russian) Tesla Model S, Nissan Leaf, Smart electric drive. Тест-драйв электрокаров, 21m, YouTube
2015 Aug 11, (German) Was TESLA besser macht!, 22m, YouTube