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  1. N

    Get paid to ride around in the DMV area for 30mins for a motorcycle film project

    Hi, I am filming footage for a motorcycle project and I need a beautiful car like a Tesla to ride next to me while I am filming. I am filming in the DMV area and more specifically in Arlington around the Memorial bridge/Spout Run Parkway area. Footage is best in the morning hours (9-10am) with...
  2. A

    Looking to rent a Model X for 1 week on a feature film in Burbank, CA for January

    Hey Tesla enthusiasts. My name is AJ Lutsky and I'm directing a feature film titled 'Garlic Parmesan' in the Burbank area this January and we are looking to rent a Tesla X for one week for filming. Garlic Parmesan is a feature film about one man's obsessive quest for the perfect flavour of...
  3. Roadster at the Park

    Roadster at the Park

    taken at sunset on Kodak Ektar 100
  4. Targe

    Vendor Introducing Windshield Gard, now available for the Model Y

    Hi all! We have had lots of success with our Tesla Windshield Protection Film kits for the Model 3, X, and S. Our kits are preshaped and precut, so your detailer/installer doesn't need to heat or cut the film on your vehicle. Normally Windshield protection film is too difficult and risky to be...
  5. N

    For Sale: Model 3 Suntek Ultra PPF $150 OBO

    Recently finished DIY PPF for my M3. Settled on Suntek Ultra and got mine through ServoPPF. Due to an ordering snafu on my part, I have some extra pieces for an M3 (1 partial hood, 1 pair partial fenders, 2 pairs of mirrors, 1 pair headlights). Could be an easy/cheap way to get PPF done and...
  6. N

    DIY PPF for Model 3/Y?

    Just finished DIY PPF for my M3, full hood, fenders, headlights, mirrors, rockers. Settled on Suntek Ultra and got mine through ServoPPF with a 10yr warranty. Used Xpel gel and dishsoap water together. Really happy with the results, sure it's not perfect but turned out way better than I...
  7. Targe

    Vendor Window protection for your Tesla

    At Targe Industries, we focus on helping Tesla car owners protect their investment. Living in the SF Bay Area, many of you have reported on these forums the epidemic of smash n grab Tesla break-ins, a trend that has spread to the rest of the country. Thieves break the small side “wing” window...
  8. Capitol Shine

    Vendor Choices: Paint Protection Film, Clear Bra, Coatings, Tint, Sealants

    Lots of choices for protecting your vehicle. Read our blog post to find out which option might be best for your vehicle! Choices: Paint Protection Film, Clear Bras, Ceramic Coatings, Tint, Sealants - Capitol Shine Blog
  9. D

    Tesla Windscreen Slime

    I’ve tried, I really have...but I can’t find the thread I originally saw reference the showroom ‘stuff’ they put on new car windscreen at Tesla Birmingham.Someone posted a great way to get rid of it. I’ve tried most things now, but there’s still a film on my windscreen. It’s almost impossible...
  10. D

    Our TESLA film

    Hey guys! Our spec commercial (so... officially fake and no budget) for TESLA is finally online. Please let us know what you think! And also... If you like our story... please post it on your social media channels. Help us spread the TESLA LOVE! Regards, Donnya
  11. S

    #ProjectLoveday Tesla 2017 Commercial Submission

    View, Like, Share. #TeslaLovers #SurnameLittleFilms www.SurnameLittleFilms.com IG: @SurnameLittleCollective
  12. N

    Tesla Project Loveday Video Entry

    Hello everyone. Well after a few long weeks our submission for the tesla project loveday competition is finally finished. We hope you like it as much as we enjoyed making it! Huge thanks to my Co-Pilot and wingman Harry Turner for the crane fabrication and blackmagicdesign for the camera...
  13. D

    Model X gezocht voor film

    Beste Model X bezitters, Wij zijn een team van enthousiaste professionals in de film en draaien in de laatste week van april een speculative commercial voor Tesla. Een nep reclame dus, in de volksmond. Voor deze draaidag zoeken wij voor 4 uurtjes een Model X om te schitteren in de laatste...
  14. A

    Tinted Tail Lights

    Anyone have pictures of tinted tail-lights on a Model X? If you do, can you kindly reply with: What tint material was used? What tint percentage was used? I searched this forum and could not find any pictures. Thank you, AMG-WS
  15. Fahad@Robust

    Vendor Robust Blog: Most Common Question - Coatings vs. Waxes vs. Paint Protection Film?

    Disclaimer: Before we get into this article, please note that there are several more products out there and we recommend researching those companies or products that suit your needs best! This is just a general overview which will help you get started to seeking what you want for your vehicle...
  16. dwebb66

    Clear protective film kits for the X

    I am one of the lucky ones that have been able to order an X. I am planning on getting one of the protective films on the car. I have stopped into a couple of shop in in SoCal and one mentioned that there are no kits out with the correct pieces cut for each panel this means that they would...
  17. Wiki

    Wiki Tesla and Elon Musk videos longer than 20 min

    To other editors of this wiki: You are welcome to add new items after you check out the criteria at the bottom of the list. Tesla related documentaries longer than 20 min 2011, Elon Musk: Bloomberg Risk Takers, 44m, YouTube, LINK2, Also available on Netflix US and Canada 2011, Revenge of...
  18. B

    Massachusetts Film Wrappers

    My 85D is in transit. I intend to use my Tesla as an every day driver (90 miles/day). I've had paint blasted off the front of my cars in the past due to salt, sand, etc. on the highway. I'm looking to wrap my car with XPEL, 3M, etc. (I haven't decided on front or full wrap.) Anybody have...
  19. F

    (California) Wanted: Tesla Rental in the Bay Area

    Hello! We are a production company in San Francisco wanting to rent your pristine 2014 Tesla (Red, Silver, Grey only) for a commercial shoot in San Francisco. We are legitimate. We have insurance, and we are very specific in these colors. The shoot is Wednesday, 2/3/2014 We will want the car...
  20. J

    Looking for Tesla for Spec commercial in NYC

    I am looking produce and direct a short spot that features a Tesla Vehicle. It's an adorable piece about the now sad and lonely Gas Nozzle. If anyone in New York owns one and want to be a part of something fun, it would be a very limited time commitment and no one else would even need to drive...
  21. J

    Want to show your Tesla in a documentary?

    Hi all – I'm working for an independent documentary studio based just north of LA and we are filming a segment about Tesla for our new film. In the last couple of weeks, we've filmed in the Tesla factory in Fremont and filmed a great interview with the man himself, Elon Musk. Now, we're looking...
  22. Clprenz

    Calling an owner to Normal IL Supercharger!!!

    Hello all, I am filming a short film on the Tesla Supercharger in Normal IL, (As I have lived here all my life) and was wondering if any owners would be willing to drive in to interview and get some shots of the car. I was at the unveiling but I had to leave after I got interviews with Tesla and...