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Tesla engineers - add a V10 sound linked to the accelerator pedal!

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Seriously, I’m probably not the only one, but how about Tesla engineers adding a V10 sound linked to the accelerator as a permanent Easter egg. If we can do farts, how about simulating a race car engine, since that is at least as cool and the cars are in supercar territory anyway.
Only if:
- it's a sound made inside the vehicle
- it's limited to the volume level required by the pedestrian safety law.
Otherwise I would hate its existence as much as I hate other loud engines that drive on nearby streets.

(I hate having the woooooo noise made by my Kona at low/no speed. At lights I'll sometimes put the car in park so it stops making the noise.)
The Porsche Taycan Turbo S has “Electric Sport Sound” which is REALLY cool and REALLY distinct. I experienced it myself in a parking lot setting and it was impressive! I’m sure it sounds much better when you really “hit it” on the road. See YouTube videos.

Supposedly, it is a recording of the actual electric motor. I believe it is also available as a $500 option on other trim lines of the Taycan.
I realize that Tesla is working to make the world move-away from combustion engines, but I don't think it's a bad thing to pay homage to the past and include optional sounds. It would be fun and it might even sway some diehards to make the switch. Heck, some ICE cars even pump fake engine sounds into the cabin because many modern engines sound terrible.