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Tesla Gen 3 Wall Charger - Flashing Red?

Any idea why my Tesla 3rd Gen Wall Charger started flashing red when I turned it on? I flipped the breaker off and back on and then everything was working fine?

Here’s a video of it turning on properly.

Has anyone else ever had this happen where it was flashing red (one flash) repeatedly, then after flipping the breaker off/on it worked properly?
Looks like a normal startup to me. As to red light, page 27 of the user manual:


In regards to the random red light…check this snapshot here on the ground fault detection.


What’s weird is I started it and it worked fine. I then turned it off/on at the breaker to check the status lights and then it flashed red. I turned it off/on at the breaker again and it was working fine.

I mean, I definitely didn’t install anything incorrectly, but of course it flashing red gets me thinking why haha. From the screenshots I provided, does it seem safe to say if anything was wired incorrectly or the ground wasn’t working the charger would stop working?

And here’s what I see now when I check the status. Which I have to assume means it’s working fine?

I suggest you open the wall connector and tighten all three of connections. If you have a torque wrench, torque the terminal screws to 50 lbf . in (5.6 Nm).

Also if you have a hardwire connection, which is what you should have, make sure you do NOT have a GFCI breaker on the circuit, a standard breaker is what is needed.

If you still have issues contact Tesla, they can look at the logs. You may have a faulty unit.

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