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Tesla iPhone App

I am going to be picking up my M3 this weekend. I had read that I should have the Tesla app installed on my iPhone so I can test it out when I pick up the vehicle. I have installed the app but don't know what username and password should be used. I've tried using the same logon information as MyTesla website but it says no account linked. Is there a separate logon for the app or does Tesla link it after I pick up the vehicle to allow me to use the app with my existing MyTesla logon?
The error on iOS actually reads “There are no products linked to your Tesla account.” In other words, you were able to login with that username/password, but you didn’t have anything to view once logged in. As was mentioned, this will be corrected at the time of delivery.
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I had to call Tesla and have them add my car to my account - which allowed my phone to be a key - and then to add my wife's email to my account so I can get HER phone authorized as a key as well.

My state (NH) has no stores so there was no "delivery specialist" working with me when the truck driver dropped the car off.