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Tesla Model 3 with Wall Connector only charging on 1 phase instead of 3 phases

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I have recently installed my gen 2 Tesla Wall Connector. My home equipped with 3x230/400V electricity, 3x25A. With seperate breakers for the wall connector installed.

Therefore following the install manual I used the "3 phase 400v" setup, in which each pair of phases has 400v between them, and each phase to neutral has 230v. L1 to L1, L2 to L2, L3 to L3, Neutral to Neutral and Ground to Ground. I put the dipswitch to 25A (also tried 16A, no difference) and the other one to TT/TN (since that is the grounding scheme where I live).
The Wall Connector shows no red lights, and the top green light stays on, indicating it's good to go.

However when I put the charging cable into my Tesla Model 3, it refuses to charge with any more than 1 phase (on 25A it does about 5/6KW, which makes sense because 25A x 230V = +/-5.7KW).. and on 16A it does 3/4KW, which also makes sense because 16A x 230V = 3.6KW). But since it's connected to 3 phase, it should actually do 3x16A which is 3x 3.6KW = around 11KW - which is the number I'm looking for.

I've already reset my car back to factory settings since I've read somewhere that the car remembers locations where it has single phase charged before (I've put it in the outlet with my mobile charger before so I thought maybe it had remembered that). However it still keeps only using 1 phase instead of 3. The little "3" indicator in the app or in the car is not visible, indicating it doesn't use more than one phase.

Is there something I'm missing, like a setting or whatever? Does anybody know what else I can try? Or should I just get an electrician to come take a look?

Thanks in advance!
Wanted to update this for anyone that has this problem and searches for an answer in the future:

In my case it was my wall connector that was faulty.

A new wall connector fixed all my problems and I'm now happily charging on 3 phases at 11kW.