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Tesla sales - an abandoned customer

Discussion in 'Tesla, Inc.' started by seen, Nov 4, 2016.

  1. seen

    seen New Member

    Nov 4, 2016
    It will be long, but I wanted to write the full story to let other ppl know that there is a place for improvement.

    My tesla story is a bit weird. It started in February, when I have walked into one of the dealerships in London. I was in shopping for a family sedan and I got hooked up with the S. I am in a bit weird situation as I work in London, but I spend most of my time in continental Europe, so I asked if it was possible to buy the car in London, but actually get an LHD. After a bit of waiting, they told me that it was a bit tricky and I have to pay extra 4.5k, but it can be done. Also, I need to pay an advance of 10k because of the additional risk to Tesla if I cancelled my order. I was a but surprised, but I accepted.
    Meanwhile I was travelling a lot and was abroad for a long time so I had to put a pause on my purchase. After the summer, I got back to my sales agent (call him Mr. A) and told him I am ready to go further with my order and I was travelling to London again to get the paperwork done.
    I sent about 4 e-mails in two weeks, called about 5 times, even called the "company" without being able to reach my Mr. A, but got multiple promises from various ppl to get back to me. None of that happened. As I was travelling to London anyways, I have decided to schedule an appointment at a dealership to see what was going on.
    The meeting went well and since there was the new model X on display, which I liked a lot, I changed my order to a model X. My new sales guy (call him Mr. V) told me, that it is not possible to pay the 10k advance online, only the regular 2k, but I was told that I still have to order the car online and can pay that later in the process. I payed the advance and made the order official. I applied for PCP (as I guess most do), uploaded all the paperwork, sent my payslips etc.
    Nothing happened for a week. I wrote an e-mail to Mr. V If there was any update on my case, where and how I can pay the remnants of the advance. I got the information that - because I do not have a long credit history in the UK (I work in the UK for a year) -, I have to pick such an option where the monthly payment is below 800 (I originally applied for ~1K).
    I work in IT and I am a senior engineer, I would not give exact figures, but I never had an issue with financing any car in this price range (Audi Q7, Porsche Cayman S both which I still own). I was a bit surprised (as I buy the monthly oyster pass for 178, so not sure why that 200 would make my financial risk any better), but I was desperate, so I went onto the site and tried to configure my car to match the requirement. Unfortunately, even if setting all the options to the minimum my best option was to go a bit over 800. At this stage I wondered if the guys actually had a look at my case. Needless to say, I was determined to get my car, so I told that my employer (a company with 15 years history in the UK) is willing to step in as a guarantor, so I get a better credit rating.
    Again, nothing happened for a week, so I wrote an e-mail how the things are going with the financial department. After 2 days passed, Mr. V answered my e-mail and said that the financial department told him, that they cannot do financing on an LHD vehicle anyways (again I was wondering if They even checked my profile beforehand). At this stage, Mr. V told me that we should transfer my request to the German office, as I am lacking the credit history anyways. I agreed. Meanwhile my Tesla got into production! I was informed. So I expected I am on the right track.
    A week passed again with no update, so - guess what - I wrote an e-mail how the transfer was going. The next day Mr. V told me that he started the transfer and it should be done by the end of the week. Awesome stuff. I asked my car to be delivered to Munich.
    The deadline passed without an update, I waited two more days and... wrote an e-mail, if the transfer was finished and how I can get in contact with my German representative. 2 days passed, I got an answer to my mail that they are still arranging it and I should stand by.
    After 5 days, I got an e-mail from Mr. M (still not the German representative), that he will give me an update on my car and I should call. So I called, but nobody answered the phone. I wrote an e-mail that I could not get through and I was asking for a callback.
    7 days passed, no callback or answer on my e-mail either, so I wrote an e-mail again to both Mr. V and Mr. M what is going on.
    Another 2 days went, no answer. This time I asked for a refund (as I do not and never wanted an RHD car in the UK).

    I have the feeling that the sales team need a serious reinforcement in manpower if they have such a terrible response rate. Thank you for reading it.

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