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Tesla Semi pays a visit to Giga Texas ahead of Cyber Rodeo event

Tesla Semi pays a visit to Giga Texas ahead of Cyber Rodeo event-TESLARATI

Tesla’s Class 8 all-electric truck was recently sighted at the Gigafactory Texas complex. The Tesla Semi spotted in the Texas-based site appears to be the company’s updated variant of the vehicle, which has been spotted across the United States since last year.

Tesla watcher and drone operator Joe Tegtmeyer recently shared some images from the Giga Texas site today. According to the drone pilot, preparations for the Cyber Rodeo event on April 7 are in full swing. These include what appear to be vehicle displays and a massive stage setup. Interestingly enough, the Tesla Semi was also in the area, though its wind deflector was taken off and being carried by heavy equipment.

The buzz of activity around Gigafactory Texas is unsurprising considering that the Cyber Rodeo is only a few days away. Tesla’s grand opening of its most ambitious electric vehicle factory to date is highly-anticipated, and with invites now going out, numerous supporters of the company have revealed that they are already preparing to travel to Texas for the event. Needless to say, the Cyber Rodeo is shaping up to be a massive celebration.

There will be about 15,000 attendees to the Cyber Rodeo later this week, which is far more than the attendees that were allowed at Gigafactory Berlin’s first Model Y delivery event. The formal launch of Giga Berlin was already an extremely fun party, so one could only imagine just how exciting the Cyber Rodeo would be. The event is strictly invite-only, but the number of attendees ensures that the celebrations will be impressive.

Speculations are high that Tesla will be bringing some of its upcoming products to the Cyber Rodeo. These include the Cybertruck, which seems to be the inspiration for the Cyber Rodeo event’s name. Other unreleased vehicles like the next-generation Roadster and the Tesla Semi are also expected to be in attendance. With the Tesla Semi already being spotted in the Giga Texas complex, it would not be surprising if the company’s other upcoming vehicles are also sighted around the site in the coming days.

The expected scale of Tesla’s Cyber Rodeo event has resulted in the Del Valle Independent School District (ISD) announcing that students would be released from school early on April 7. According to an announcement from the ISD, vehicles from attendees of the celebrations would likely result in more traffic in the area. Thus, to ensure that students are home on time, it would be best to end school early in the day.

Tesla Semi arrives at Giga Texas for Cyber Rodeo appearance-DRIVETESLACANADA

Tesla Semi arrives at Giga Texas for Cyber Rodeo appearance​

April 4, 2022 Darryn John Semi 0 Comments
tesla semi texas

It looks fans will be able to get an up close look at the Tesla Semi at the Giga Texas Cyber Rodeo later this week.

Early on Monday morning a white Tesla Semi was spotted arriving at the factory.

In images captured during a drone flyover of the factory by Joe Tegtmeyer (@JoeTegtmeyer), the electric Semi was outfitted with what at first appeared to be a new black roof above the cab.

As good as it looks, that was unfortunately not the case as we can also see the typical white roof being taken off a nearby semi trailer and being brought over to be installed.

texas semi
Credit: Joe Tegtmeyer /Twitter
semi roof texas
Credit: Joe Tegtmeyer /Twitter

This now confirms that at least the Semi will be on display at the Cyber Rodeo, but what other vehicles could Tesla bring to the party?

Like previous events, it is almost a guarantee that the Roadster will get an invitation.

But most importantly, given the name of the event, it would be very surprising if the Cybertruck doesn’t make an appearance too. Maybe we will even see the final production version unveiled?

Stay tuned to Drive Tesla (follow us on Twitter) as we’ll be at the event and will bring you all the latest.

Check back later today as we will add Tegtmeyer’s drone flyover video when it is published to YouTube.
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In Jeff Roberts drone video of Giga Texas you can see Tesla Semi starting @ 06:04 in the upper right driving toward the drone and again @ 06:13 starting to turn around and drive North in the parking area with trailers.

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