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Tesla Semi: Tesla is looking to launch its ‘Semi Service Program’ starting with a surprising location

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Tesla Semi: Tesla is looking to launch its ‘Semi Service Program’ starting with a surprising location- ELECTREK

Tesla is starting to hire for the upcoming launch of its “Semi Service Program,” a service program for the Tesla Semi electric truck.

But the first location for the Tesla Semi service program is an interesting one.

After years of delays with the Tesla Semi program, the automaker is finally expected to make its first electric semi-truck deliveries to customers this year.

Last month, we reported that Tesla started building a new Tesla Semi production line in Nevada that will be able to build five trucks per week before moving to volume production in Texas next year.

But Tesla has more to do before that can happen.

The automaker needs to deploy the needed infrastructure to support this completely new segment.

Specifically, Tesla needs to deploy the charging and service infrastructure.

For the former, we have heard about Tesla working with partners on its Megacharger network and directly with customers to install charging solutions for electric trucks at their sites.

When it comes to service, we haven’t heard much until now.

While Tesla operates hundreds of service centers around the world, they are not equipped to service big vehicles like semi-trucks.

Semi-truck servicing and maintenance is big business, with the average truck needing $10,000 to $15,000 in maintenance per year.

As an electric vehicle, the Tesla Semi is expected to require less maintenance per year, which DHL, a Tesla Semi reservation holder, noted could represent massive savings, but it will still require some maintenance and service.


Some fleet operators do their own maintenance, some manufacturers have their own, and others use third-party services.

Like with its vehicles, it appears that Tesla plans to have its own service.

Electrek has found a new job opening for a “Semi Service Technician.”

In the job listing, Tesla mentions an “upcoming new and exciting Semi Service Program”:

“We are looking for experienced Tesla Service Technicians to support our upcoming new and exciting Semi Service Program. If you are looking to expand your horizons or have experience in the HD Trucking Industry, please see the opportunities below.”

The automaker mentions that the technicians hired for this role will be the first to provide service for Tesla Semi customers:

“Our goal is to find experienced Tesla technicians looking to take their careers to the next level. They will be supporting early development and service creation as well as be the FIRST technicians to provide in person service to our new customers.”

In the responsibilities, Tesla mentions that the technicians will help build “beta level Tesla Semi vehicles” and work with “Engineering and Development teams to provide direct product feedback.”

Now where things get even more interesting is the location of the new Tesla Semi service jobs.

Normally, Tesla starts those kinds of operations locally, which, in this case, would mean California, Nevada, or Texas.

But the only location where this job is listed is in Mississauga, which is located near Toronto in Ontario, Canada.

That’s despite responsibilities also including “supporting the Tesla Semi Fleet that will move Tesla cargo between our own factories” and the fact that Tesla doesn’t have a factory in Canada.

Though the responsibilities also include “supporting our first customers and repair their fleet as needed,” and Tesla does have some important customers in the region.

Tesla Semi

When I saw that the job was based in Mississauga, I remembered that Walmart Canada is one of the biggest Tesla Semi reservation holders with over 130 trucks on order.

Walmart Canada is based in Mississauga.

It could mean that Tesla plans first deliver electric trucks to Walmart Canada, and it is planning to have local Tesla Semi service ready.
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Tesla prepares to use its new electric semi-trucks between Fremont and Giga Nevada-ELECTREK

Tesla is preparing to support its upcoming new Tesla Semi electric trucks on the route between Fremont Factory and Gigafactory Nevada.

The automaker is going to be its own best customer when it comes to the electric truck.

Yesterday, Electrek reported that Tesla was looking to hire its first service technicians for Tesla Semi, and we were surprised to see that they were looking for people in Canada.

Shortly after, Tesla also added several same new positions at different locations:

With the listing in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, we speculated that Tesla was looking to add service capacity to support local early Tesla Semi customers — most likely Walmart Canada, which is based in the region and ordered over 100 electric trucks from Tesla.

Now for these new locations in California and Nevada, the first four are clearly to support the route between Fremont factory and Gigafactory Nevada.

Tesla moves a ton of products on the 260-mile route between the two factories.

All the battery packs and drivetrains are produced in Nevada and shipped to California, where Tesla builds and assembles the electric cars.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk previously referred to the automaker’s logistic costs to carry cargo between the two locations as “gigantic.”

It makes it a prime route to use the upcoming Tesla Semi trucks.

Tesla has already moderately used its early prototypes on the route during testing, but it now plans to start production soon, and the use on the route should ramp up — hence the new service locations along the way.

Jerome Guillen, President of Tesla Heavy Trucking, previously said that the automaker plans to be its own customer on that route with the Tesla Semi.

The potential savings are important with lower cost of operations per mile.

The cost savings could be also improved by using convoys with a platooning technology to reduce the cost of operation to $0.85 per miles with a three-truck convoy:

As Electrek reported last month, Tesla started building a new Tesla Semi production line in Nevada that will be able to build five trucks per week before moving to volume production in Texas next year.

The automaker is expected to have at least a few dozen more Tesla Semi trucks on the road this year.