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Tesla Supercharger look-alike by Lincoln



It seems that Lincoln is now making their own EV chargers, which are designed like Tesla Superchargers, except that they have J1772 cables, and they have the name LINCOLN instead of TESLA. I find this design is hilarious, for one that the chargers are probably way more expensive than the norm, and that the cable isn’t even aligned with the frame!

Just thought I’d share for fun, and would like to hear your thoughts in this “copycat” charger. Enjoy! (Photo from Twitter)

————————————————————————— 054ACB38-FCB8-499C-9A30-FADBCFCEE980.jpeg ———————————————————————
I wonder if this is at a Lincoln dealership? I like the design but the cable looks like a level two charger.
Lincoln's only plug-in product only takes level two, so it makes complete sense. I do like that they changed the opening in the middle to be shaped like their logo.

I think it's very attractive. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
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