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Theory: Autopilot is test project for Musk's investment in AI company Vicarious

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I suppose that post title is too strong - I don't mean to imply that Autopilot exists to provide data for Vicarious. I'm merely wondering if it might be possible Vicarious is involved with the development of Autopilot, since Elon is a stakeholder in Vicarious.

We now know two things, according to the CEO of Mobileye in two recent presentations - one of which was his Q3 2015 earnings conference call:

1 - Neural network deep learning is being used with Autopilot - and at least some of that expertise is coming from Mobileye.
2 - Tesla is engaged in some kind of their own fleet learning project with data they are *not* sharing with Mobileye.

And we know a third thing.

3 - Musk is an early stage investor - along with Zuckerberg and a host of other power players in an AI company called Vicarious, whose stated goal is to build a generalized artificial intelligence using neural networks.

Vicarious is in the stage of doing fundamental research, apparently.

So - might it be possible that Autopilot is providing data and research experience for the computer scientists at Vicarious?

"Vicarious is building a single, unified system that will eventually be generally intelligent like a human. That means a machine that will be able to make sense of the world around it, building a complex and nuanced model of reality based on past experience and current sensory data,” said founder and computer scientist Scott Phoenix."

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Meh, it's been done before, the answer is 42. On a serious note, system that relies on limited sensory data to make complex and nuanced model of reality sound like a recipe for disaster...or emulation of average voter.