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  1. BridgeMojo

    What does it take to trigger an interior camera nag?

    Brand new Model S Dual Motor, trading up from a 2018 Model S 100D. I haven’t had any autopilot nags based on the interior camera yet, and I’m really wondering what the boundaries are. I just got the FSD Beta software update 2023.32.4 (11.4.4) and will drive it tomorrow. I’m guessing the older...
  2. M

    UK - 90D 2016 Extras + Tesla Warranty

    UK only. Working from home permanently means we don't need 2 electric cars. Unfortunately the wife wins and we are keeping her car, so the model S is up for sale. The car is still within warranty and includes 5 remaining months of Tesla used warranty for peace of mind. Lots of extras...
  3. R

    FSD Not Working?

    Strange. My FSD beta (11.4.3) worked yesterday after the most recent upgrade, but does not work today? Autopilot also does not work. No Cruise control either. Shut it off then re-enabled it. Still not working. Anyone else experiencing an issue? Message is that is "Temporarily...
  4. T

    Speaker popping noise

    Ever since my MYLR was delivered, I've noticed a popping, crackling noise from one of the internal speakers whenever it has to make sounds rapidly, like when I engage autopilot by pressing the right stalk down twice. It also makes this sound when the park assist is giving distance warnings. I...
  5. T

    2022 Model X - glitchy system

    Yesterday, for no particular reason I had both front screens go black - car has been stable since I've received it last year. I had left the car running the a/c on Dog Mode for about 5 minutes before returning (which I've done many times before). It took roughly 5 minutes to get the car to...
  6. L

    Camera Calibration Question.

    My new MYP is not calibrating the cameras fully. I currently have 500 miles on it. After 230 miles I reset the calibration because it appeared stuck at 90%. It’s been 300 miles and the service mode is showing the wide is calibrated but at the near top of the pitch limit. The normal main...
  7. G

    Does This Car Have EA?

    Tesla newbie here with a question about Autopilot. I have been looking for a Model S 2017-2018. How can I tell from the center display if the car has Enhanced Autopilot? Here are pix of the Software screens from two 2017 MS 100Ds. Can you tell if either has EA? Should I be concerned that the car...
  8. M

    Autopilot on 2023.12.1.1 much improved for me.

    Has anyone else noticed a significant improvement with basic autopilot in smoothly stopping for a stopped car ahead, and in stop and go traffic on 2023.12.1.1? On previous versions if I was using AP and there were cars stopped ahead it seemed like AP would wait too long and then hit the...
  9. N

    Tesla Fender Camera Output

    Hey all, I'm new to the forum, so I hope I'm posting this in the right place :) I'm currently trying to wrap my head around how the fender cameras on newer Teslas (AP2 and newer) work. I found out that they are using the Aptina/OnSemiconductor AR0132 for their fender/side cameras. Also, they...
  10. T

    Autopilot on HW4

    I have read some comments about improved distance and reaction times with HW4 on autopilot, but there seems to be no videos of autopilot on HW4. Since some of you already have it, would any of you be kind enough and post a video of using autopilot in heavy traffic?
  11. M

    Autopilot nags and changing intervals

    Hey guys, Is there any rhyme or reason as to why the timeframes between nags intervals. Is there any way to definitely extend time between nags? So far i believe i may subconsciously be applying pressure sometimes more than others. My senario- My interior camera is covered. Driving with hand...
  12. fasteddie7

    HW4 auto wipers seem drastically improved

    After a few days of no stop rain in a new Model S with HW4, it seems the auto wiper behavior has been significantly improved from what I’m used to in 2.5 and dare I say on par with my 2016 MS with an actual rain sensor with the mobile eye suite. This was an improvement I wasn’t expecting and a...
  13. T

    Would a (November) 2018 p100d (possibly)have autopilot by default? (April 2019 + became the standard but wanted to be sure..)

    Hello. The question just as the title says. I am just wanting to know if there is any slight chance it could have base autopilot (maybe if ownership transfer possible?…probably not? I am looking at used dealerships) (was able to find out it is a November 2018 production date p100d model s). I...
  14. M

    Nieuwe autopilot-update met Auto Horn

    Deze nacht binnengekregen, nieuwe software update voor autopilot: Auto Horn! En het werkt echt, want daarnet was het al ineens prijs, een Audi die van vak probeerde veranderen terwijl ik op autopilot in zijn dode hoek zat, ik had het nog niet eens opgemerkt maar onze Tesla claxonneerde...
  15. M

    Has Basic Autopilot improved (and phantom braking decreased) since radar was removed? (About to buy!)

    Hey guys I'm taking delivery of my new Model 3 on Friday... but I've been a bit spooked reading various articles about the removal of radar in 2021 (2022 in our market - Australia), and the deactivation of radars on cars which do have them. I've had a Mazda CX-5 until now, and while the auto...
  16. S

    Historical Timeline for Autopilot and FSD development

    Is there a timeline anywhere that goes over Tesla's development efforts for autopilot and full self-driving? For example, I am interested in seeing the various iterations of autopilot and full self-driving releases and associated features, setbacks, FSD early access implementation, etc. bringing...
  17. T

    Do you think we will get a USS Retrofit?

    I have a 2023 Tesla Model Y, overall it's been a great car. Except for the fact it doesn't have USS, I find it mind-boggling that Tesla would remove such a necessity. I live in Canada so the snow always builds up on the back of the car, and the camera is always covered. I constantly get warnings...
  18. P

    regenerated breaks when on Autopilot or Cruise control

    Does anyone know how if regenerated breaks is what Tesla uses when on Auto Pilot or Cruise Control? Reason why I ask is, I have noticed often time when I am on Autopilot or Cruise control and if the car needs to slow down due to traffic, my brake peddle gets automatically presses as if I am...
  19. S

    Best autosteer/ autopilot equivalent system on the market?

    Which car or manufacturer’s autoseer and autopilot equivalent is the best on the market today? If Tesla is taking two steps backwards by removing radar, USS, vision only not being ready or good enough, phantom braking all the time and in dangerous ways, apemode vipers to clean windshield in snow...
  20. turbocat8

    Why I am losing faith in Tesla’s Autopilot (Autosteer)

    I absolutely love my Model 3. I have had it for just over 3 years now and enjoyed driving every mile of the 42,000 miles that I have clocked till today. Most of the mileage has been on the highway and the remainder was miles that I racked up while commuting for work before the pandemic. When I...
  21. Frizzle Fry

    Anyone else having trouble with Traffic-Aware Cruise Control?

    I'm currently driving across Canada in light winter conditions and have had to fight with cruise control a lot more than I'd like. When you activate cruise control you are also engaging Autopilot even if you don't have the Full Self Driving package. And because Autopilot depends on the car's...
  22. Y

    Accident averted, but that leaves more unanswered questions.

    Was driving my MY on autopilot (v 2022.36.6) on a State HWY at 65 mph in the center lane. It was green for me, and red for the left turn lane, a car waiting on that lane decided to cut into mine at the last moment. I noticed and slammed the brakes before Auto-Pilot could respond. At that point...
  23. Supratrboo

    FS: Tesla Model S 85 kw - FUSC - AP1 - MCU2 -97k Miles - Blk/Blk/Blk

    Recently changed to a model x for the family. 2014 Model S 85kw MCU2 AP1 Black / Black Panoramic Sunroof Premium interior package Alcantara headliner and dash 21” black powder coated turbines Ceramic coating July 2022 New tires New 12v battery HV battery and drive motor still under warranty...
  24. M

    Autosteer temporarily unavailable after software update

    So, I updated to last night. When I drove to work this morning, I was unable to shift into cruise control or autosteer. I have had the FSD beta for about 3 weeks now. Both error messages I received were “autosteer/cruise control temporarily unavailable.” Has anyone else experienced...
  25. A

    FSD development experiment

    We have to wait for FSD deployment in Europe due to endless regulation. Hence I experimented with the development of an AI assisted autopilot for a glider simulator. It incorporates many of the technologies used in Teslas fsd autopilot. This helps me to have an glimpse of FSD while waiting…...
  26. joexn

    Tesla Vision coming to radar-equipped cars on 2022.24.6

    Tesla Update 2022.24.6 release notes are now available and now brings Tesla Vision to radar-equipped vehicles. This change was first seen in the mystery 2022.20.9 release which was only pushed out to a small number of cars. Tesla Update 2022.24.6 Release Notes | Tesla Updates...
  27. J

    2018 Model 3 LR RWD autopilot ( SoCal ) 43k miles

    48500 Open to offers . For sale Tesla Model 3 Long range Rear wheel drive with autopilot. Fully charged change of 290 miles. The car has been wrapped in Avery Denison Satin black and chrome deleted and ceramic coated. This car has never been smoked in, looking to sell as I will be getting...
  28. S

    FSD subscription for road trips

    I'm planning on taking a road trip in September with my Model 3. I have the basic standard Autopilot, which has been super useful for road trips in the past, but I'm wondering if I should try out the FSD subscription. I'm wondering what people's experiences are on road trips with FSD vs basic...
  29. H

    Autopilot = Aggressive Grandma

    I have simple needs. Just want plain old Autopilot to take some burden off me in stop and go traffic. Used to be ok. Now - I’m embarrassed to drive with it with others and too frustrated to use it alone. Jerks way too hard when braking and super inconsistent acceleration. Haven’t read too much...
  30. noah82

    2022.20 Enables Green Light Chime Without EAP/FSD!

    It looks like the new software update 2022.20 enables green light chime without EAP/FSD!!! I’ve been waiting for this for a long time and could not justify paying $12k for a ding!
  31. NoGasNoBrakes

    Tesla Lays Off Over 200 Autopilot Data-Labelling Employees

    Today, Bloomberg reported that Tesla just laid off around 200 data-labelling employees from the Autopilot team and closed a branch in San Mateo, California. This lines up with Tesla's goal to make all autopilot data auto-labelled, and hopefully this shows that significant progress has been made...
  32. noah82

    Does AP/EAP "see" brake lights?

    I just upgraded my 2022 MYLR to the Enhanced Autopilot package that just became available. Definitely not worth the $6k asking price, but that's a conversation for another day. Does freeway autopilot (with AP3 computer) have the ability to see brake lights on the road ahead? I ask because I...
  33. Jerrboyy

    False Positive Automatic Emergency Braking at 80mph

    While driving 80mph on a highway and my lane was clear of traffic in front of me. However, traffic visualization displayed a small sedan in front of my car, adjacent to the semi I was passing. As I approached closer to the false car, automatic emergency braking suddenly engaged and slowed me...
  34. T

    Auto High Beam making Autosteer unusable

    On vehicles manufactured after April 2022 (at least Model Y, probably others), engaging Autosteer automatically turns on the Auto High Beam. Unfortunately, during low traffic situations on the highway at night, this makes Autosteer completely unusable. We all know the reliability of High Beams...
  35. Jones1

    Autopilot in Houston Texas & Surrounding Area’s

    I haven’t seen a thread for Autopilot in The Houston Area. I have recently picked up my MYP 2022. I did notice how Autopilot applies the brake lightly. When I’m on a two way - 2 lane road. When there is a section or median of grass in between the two directional lanes. It isn’t a hard brake at...
  36. Maximillan

    [PRESS] - Tesla Autopilot is just cruise control

    Besides getting wires crossed and simply settling on "don't use autopilot in urban areas", he makes good points about the limitations of the technology Opinion: Tesla Autopilot is just cruise control. Stop pretending it isn’t.
  37. C

    Model 3 Performance Autopilot Question

    Hello, I just took delivery of a new 2022 Model 3 Performance and love the car but noticed a few major features missing that were present on other Teslas I’ve been in. Firstly, navigate on autopilot isn’t an option when starting a navigation route and doesn’t become available on major...
  38. R

    2021 Tesla Model 3 SR+ (Houston, TX)

    Hello everyone, I am located in Houston, TX. I am possibly looking into selling my vehicle to upgrade. Best offer. For more pictures, please message me. For Sale I bought it NEW from Tesla I have owned since Nov 2021 Usage: drive to work. Well kept, Wash/Wax/Detailed bi-weekly Non-smoker and...
  39. S

    Autopilot Stopped Working

    I have a 2019 Model 3 S+. Got in the car today and started driving and it refused to start cruise control. Then I noticed that I see no cars adjacent to me on the screen. FSD Visualization not working either. I did a soft boot and when that did not work I did a hard boot. Neither cleared up the...
  40. I

    For those of you who lowered your Tesla, did it affect your Autopilot?

    For those who lowered their Tesla, did it affect your Auotpilot? Thinking of ordering some MountainPass coilovers for my MYP but will the lowered height affect the vehicles cameras and autopilot? I did my own googling and found one thread of a user complaining Autopilot was affected when he...
  41. Maximillan

    Sydney Harbour Tunnel Autopilot test

    I had an interesting experience with Autopilot today that left me wondering whether others can replicate it. Heading south bound into the Sydney Harbour Tunnel in the left lane, once inside the tunnel engage autopilot. I did so today and upon engagement of autopilot the car drastically...
  42. 9

    Herky jerky autopilot

    Does anyone else feel that at times autopilot is herky jerky (quick, sudden acceleration from stop, quick stops) while in stop and go traffic? I don't see the rhyme or reason to it, sometimes it eases into the acceleration as I would, and other times I can feel the G-force as it tries to zoom...
  43. WSBKing420

    Autopilot not braking in traffic

    Today my car started behaving very strangely on Autopilot. I have the 2021 vision only M3P. I've had issues with my autopilot in the past where in stop and go traffic it was accelerate rapidly towards the car infront of md and then brake harshly. But it got better with a update that came out not...
  44. M

    Autopilot not working

    Got my Model Y yesterday and later in the day autopilot got enough miles to fully calibrate. I was using it yesterday without any issues and all was good. Went somewhere today and every time I tried to engage autopilot it gave an error message saying that autopilot isn't available. I also...
  45. I

    Use of the Autopilot in Switzerland. A personal experience.

    I bought in Switzerland a Model 3 long range dual motor version in June 2021, and dished nearly 11'000 US$ for the advanced autopilot feature. I am a tech fan had the money so it was the price to pay to have a personal opinion about that technology. How does this compare to my other car, the...
  46. Hank42

    The Dawn project FSD FUD

    I didn't know the ny times had a funnies section
  47. Sacramento

    Phantom Braking Needs to be Reported and Fixed

    Yeah, it's bad. I'll be cruising along at 70 mph and my Model Y sees a yellow caution sign with flashing lights and hits the brakes. I push the camera icon to report each incident. Not sure how much that helps, if at all.
  48. S

    Autopilot safety feature error

    The past week several mornings I get beeps and notifications that my Autopilot Safety Features are not functioning and they may work on next drive. Today sentry reported an error to my phone app that it was not functioning because of the cameras. 2018 Model 3 Long Range Software v11.0...
  49. T

    2021.40.6 Model S update alerts and loss of functionality

    I have an August 2015 build Model S 90D with AP1 and an upgrade to MCU2. I received 2021.40.6 over the air update on Nov 23 2021. I was greeted with the following alerts the next time I entered the vehicle: - Automatic Emergency Braking is Disabled - Power braking assist reduced - Autopilot...
  50. VanFriscia

    FSD Beta 10.4 - Take Over Immediately/Cruise Control Unavailable

    My apologies if this was discussed elsewhere - there are a lot of threads here, some quite long with a lot of different points of discussion but I haven't quite seen what I'm about to describe. I got into FSD Beta on the initial rollout. With 10.4 (and ONLY 10.4), I'm experiencing frequent...

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